1st trimester trials

So Elaine over at The Miss Elaine-ous Life is having a past post link up-here is my post last year when I was pregnant in my 1st Trimester- THANK GOD that is over
So here it is and go visit Elaine & link up.

Many of you know Im preggo with our 3rd child. Im almost out of the 1st trimester and am glad to soon see that go. One of my biggest complaints has been the starving/nauseous/starving syndrome. Those of you who have been pregnant know what I mean. Your hungry one moment and before you can take that delicious 1st bite you have to run to the bathroom.

My current weakness is Black Walnut (a restaurant here in The Woodlands) all I can say is OH MY GOSH!!! I eat there EVERY weekend (I am not kidding) and sometimes during the week I sneak over there (dont tell my hubby). I order the SAME thing every time. Texas T-Toast Sandwich on whole wheat- no meat- and a side of picante sauce. mmmmm!!! Its this awesome breakfast egg sandwich that I sometimes dream about a night. I have tried to re-create this egg-ful wonder at home to save some dough- but it is just not the same! and do you know you cant find Texas Toast in whole wheat at the grocery- I mean come on people we’re in Texas for goodness sake!!
Anyway moving onto the other cravings…..before I hop off this computer and head to BW. There are also the times when you crave something and just cant stop thinking about it till you have it- then when you have it- you dont want it. Take for example: Potato Salad exhibit A. I wanted this for days and finally gave in-went to the store got the goods to make it- made a HUGE batch of it-sat down to a big bowl of it- and ugh!! it sooo turned my stomach- so I currently have this mongo-size tupperware bowl of potato salad in my fridge- probably now growing green fluff on it. hmmm maybe I should try it with the fluff…..nah!!

Then there are the cravings I would NEVER give into. This one keeps going over and over in my brain- for weeks now. One word: GRANDY’S – anyone remember that place? they are no longer in business (thank goodness) and it was “homemade” down home country cook’n in a fast food like atmosphere. Anyway- their Chicken Fried Chicken (yes chicken fried chicken not steak), mashed potatoes, gravy and gooey white rolls-mmmm! The funny thing about this craving- Im a VEGETARIAN- I dont eat meat! So I am glad that Grandma Grandy has closed her doors.

*sigh* well all this food talk has made me hungry or maybe nauseous Im not quite sure yet. I think theres a piece of chocolate hidden in the back of the pantry with my name on it. I better go check it out. Bye for now!


2 thoughts on “1st trimester trials”

  1. You just made me so glad I’m not pregnant! GRANDY’S? You poor, poor girl! Glad the 1st trimester trials are ending.

  2. Elaine A. says:

    All I can say is that I know EXACTLY how you felt then, right now!!

    I made some pasta the other night that I’d been craving for days and when it finally came time to eat it I didn’t want it. I hope I’m almost out of the woods since I start my 13th week tomorrow…

    Thanks for linking up! : )

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