Its not over till its over

Ok…. so I thought we were done with the vomiting in our house. We went through my 1-1/2 yr old, my sister AND my Father in law who was visiting from California (luckily he was back in CA when his hit) – All day long my 5 year old kept complaining of a stomach ache. Feeling I should not brush this off due the past weeks current events– I prepared. I brought out the old vomit bowl- got some towels ready and encouraged her to put her hair in a pony tail. Well at 6:45 pm it began! I was ALONE –me, the sickee and a 1-1/2 yr old who was CLINGING to my side crying while his sister was sick *sigh* THANK GOD I had the bowl– I saved my poor rug from a deep steam cleaning. So on it went until 2:30am— but she was still feeling quite ill until 5am-not able to sleep-so I sat up with her through the morning. I finally feel asleep at 5:15 only to have my husband come in the room at 7:30 to start getting ready for work – I looked at him with the pleading bloodshot eyes. “You want me to stay home?” He asked “YES dear God Yes” I said–I dont think I could make it today alone. So after a couple of hours of sleep Im feeling much better ready to tackle the towels, sheets and Lysol the heck out of this place. I have desperately cried “Uncle” to God and asked that this be the last one. AND did you know that you can SHED the virus for 3 whole days AFTER you start feeling better (no wonder they cant get rid of it in schools and nurseries). I know, I know Im a little anal about all this —I live for Google-it gives me such good info You would not believe how many times the word VOMIT, CHILDHOOD ILLNESS, AND DIARRHEA have been typed into my browser. So to make me feel better Im asking all my fellow bloggers to send me your kids vomit experience (Kristen I still think your Valentines Day one takes the top).
Hope all of you are staying healthy- its a really buggar out there.


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  1. Oh, poor you. That is the worst. . . how does those nasty germs survive in your bleached environment?

    I hope you guys are on the mend!

    Thanks for the ‘puke trophy.’ I’m just so proud! To check out my story, put this in your address box:

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