The thing I feared the most….

Happened!! I have diligently tried to keep my children from getting the stomach flu this season- well- it was to no avail. Ethan (my 1-1/2 yr old) got it! It started at 5am Friday morning and continued through the weekend. I have washed more sheets and towels than I care to remember. When the older kids get it at least they can hit the bowl- but the poor little ones let it go wherever they are and with NO warning. *sigh* See there is something you need to know about me- I have a phobia – there is even a name for it. Its called Emetophobia. Its is a fear of vomiting or fear of others vomiting. I have struggled with this fear for years and have actually been quite ashamed of it. But I would like to say Im getting better. I actually sought some help this weekend from a Psychologist (he’s my father in law-so there was no charge) It helped quite a bit- but I have a long way to go. So last night I was starting to breathe a sigh of relief because no one else had caught it. Yes! All that Clorox and Lysol worked. WELL guess what? My Sister (who lives with us) was up ALL night with it. And she BARELY had contact with my son- I was the one who held him while he puked, washed his little hands and clothes. I was the one he puked ON. So now Im REALLY freaked out- if she can get it-and have hardly ANY contact with him- where does that leave me???? Lying in bed at night analyzing this till I realize I have lost HOURS of sleep over it. So I would like to report that today Im choosing to deal with this head on! Run to the roar so to speak- if I get it-Oh well- I’ll deal! (now you must know the last time I vomited I was 10!!!) so to say oh well to this is huge for me. Now dont get me wrong- I have the Lysol can attached to my hip and I have contemplated EATING the Germ ex and I have made Madeleine wash her hands so much they are raw-but Im dealing! baby steps people-baby steps.


2 thoughts on “The thing I feared the most….”

  1. OMG! Jon-Avery had it for DAYS over Spring Break. He puked all over Madi’s dolls. It was horrible-even had to have the carpet cleaned. Hope no one else gets it!

  2. ChrissyK says:

    Congratulations! This is a big step for you.
    Keep using that lysol and if you have to…two hand it…a lysol in both hands spraying everything. 🙂
    ~ Chrissy

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