Oh my…………

I dont know what to say. Except that I thought I’d document a typical day in our household. First I hear the screams and them “Mommy Ethan fell in the dirt” . Im thinking ok- no problem he probably just got a little “dusty”. “Tell him to brush it off” I say. “He can’t” and then in walks my little man- with a nice “eye patch” of caked on mud. So as I pick him up to take him to the sink for a good washing- I come across the living room– “oh my” is all I could say.

Apparently while I was checking my emails he had time to not only have a mud facial but make “snow” in the living room out of tissues. If you look closely you will even seen a pair on my underwear and shirt strewn about from my freshly folded laundry. *sigh*


4 thoughts on “Oh my…………”

  1. You have stolen my life! Seriously! I’m laughing so hard. Emmy does the same thing, but with wipes. I’m so cheap, I gather them up and put them in a zip lock. No wasting here.

    But, the mud? Ugh. I’m so not into it.

  2. I have a kid with an affinity for tissue shredding and laundry pile destruction.

    I KNOW how you feel!


  3. As sooon as I looked at the pics I thougt, “Oh my!” How many times has that happened to me! And how it happens so quickly, I don’t know because I waws only on the computer for two seconds! Well, maybe more but still! Come by some time!

  4. Oh my ….

    create fun memories though 🙂

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