Random acts of "kindness"

So today I’m having the steam cleaning people come and clean my nasty carpets. Yes I mean nasty- its quite embarrassing- but with two kids and a dog what do you expect. (and no I am not going to post before and after pics- its that bad) But after my wonderful hubby moved all the furniture out I started walking around and noticing things— like the walls and how they desperately needed to be painted, then I noticed little random acts of “kindness” left by my children over the years. For some reason with all the furniture and “stuff” crammed in the rooms you don’t notice these things. This first one is from my daughter- I know this because she LOVES lip gloss. Apparently one day she decided to “kiss” the wall with her velvety lips.
and notice the small chocolate stain above it- I believe that one was from my son and his chubby chocolate covered fingers or is that mud?- you know with him you never know.

Then there is this one left by my son via pink marker…

There is also a yellow “drawing” done in crayon . but that one did not come out well on camera. So if you would like to see that one you will have to come visit.

I just don’t have the heart to remove these random acts just yet. Because I know one day they will be grown and my heart will ache for times like this.

So just know when you come visit our “art museum” – the carpets will be clean but the walls…well……….


One thought on “Random acts of "kindness"”

  1. heidi says:

    When we moved from our last house I had to take pictures of all the little “pictures” my oldest daughter had on the walls. I am glad I took the pictures for memory’s sake…

    Glad you did, too!

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