Thought I would share

Since my dear friend at

mentioned a project she did in her bathroom- I thought I would share my pictures too. Like she said hubbys tend to run when you mention painting. But once you get started- they usually jump in and help. One out of fear you’ll screw up or two that you’ll end up in tears and he will have to break down and hire a professional. Check out my friends blog for the complete how to instructions- she’s great at giving directions.

Here is my small downstairs closet size bathroom- I did it in a Taupe color. You can add a stamp of any kind if you like- or just the plain stripes are fun.

Here is my red, red, red dining room- an to acheive this deep color- I had to first paint it *gasp* with black!! I was soooo afraid- but once the red went on- I was all smiles.


3 thoughts on “Thought I would share”

  1. Thanks for putting up pictures of your great stripes! I’m sorry I didn’t give you more warning! You’re awesome!

  2. ChrissyK says:

    very cool. You have always been so talented in decorating, and making things feel so warm and cozy. I have admired that about you since the apartment days.

  3. The Nester says:

    I would have totally freaked at painting it black first too but i’m all for trying new things. i probably would have waited till my husband was out of town and pulled the blinds down though.

    you know, just in case.

    it turned out great!

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