Its begining to look a lot like Fall…..

well at least inside my house it is. Ok people-Im ready for fall even if its not ready for Texas! I know, I know, school hasnt even started and Im decorating for Fall. But hear me out- I have a baby coming in less than 4 weeks- if I wait till Fall it will be Christmas before I get the stuff put out. So Im decorating for Fall plus The Nester from “> said it was “OK” to put out your pumpkins-so Im going for it.

My little “niche” in the entry way- one day I WILL paint that-but I have to paint the rest of the room too and its 2-stories high *sigh*- I dont even own a ladder that tall!

Dining room table

A little something for the stairs

oooo I made this myself- went to Hobby Lobby got it all for half-off. This little guy only cost me $7.00 to make- yippie!!!

Another view of the table

sooo I will be posting more one I get the boxes down from the attic. and um yes I did climb my preggo self up the attic ladder today to get something down-shhhh dont tell my hubby. I did decide not to do that again!

Oh-AND AND AND- I will soon be posting some of my own window “mistreatments” (go visit The Nesting Place)



2 thoughts on “Its begining to look a lot like Fall…..”

  1. Lauren says:

    Ohhh goodie! I want fall to be here!!!!

  2. ChrissyK says:

    It will be nice to walk in from the Summer heat into your Fall home and to have that “Fall” feeling…even though it will be crazy hot outside.
    Good Idea!

    Your baby is coming soon…what does Little M and Ethan think? They thrilled?

    Did you hear I am having a boy?

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