Laundry room Part 2….

ok everyone- I finally started. I spent all afternoon cleaning, dusting, and throwing away the junk. To see what I started with read my Laundry Room Post-“Im getting help”

Im headed off on a paint hunt today- Im going to look at the discount bins and see what premixed colors they have (apparently people return paint ALL the time because of wrong color) in comes me and buys it up MUCH cheaper than if I had them mix it for me. The only down side is- if you REALLY want a specific color you have to pay the price. Im also on a fabric hunt today- and have been told by others that many times Walmart- yes Walmart has some good cheap fabric. Im going to “Mistreat” laundry room window and table. A-la The Nesting Place style >

So stay tuned……………………


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  1. Good luck. I look forward to seeing the finished project~

    Have a wonderful day,


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