Say it isnt Sew……

Ok here is my 1st attempt of “mistreating” my windows. NO SEWING ALLOWED. I had these plain green napkins thrown over my curtain rods in my kitchen for some time.

I got tired of the plain green and wanted to spruce up the windows and bring in some black. Because my walls are wallpapered (by previous owner) and I don’t have the time or money to redo the walls- I have to accessorize my kitchen to make it look cute. It took about 3 yards of this beautiful black gathered fabric from Hobby Lobby (on sale mind you) 4-5 yards of trim, glue gun, and ribbon (that I got on sale after Christmas for $1!!!—25 yards of ribbon for a $1) I knew this ribbon would come in handy soon.

So here’s the finished product. Its not the best but it works for me!


11 thoughts on “Say it isnt Sew……”

  1. Deb says:

    Really nice “mistreatments”. Looks great. I also love your fall decor ideas. I may have steal some. Ha, ha.

  2. They look fabulous! You must pop over this week and see my laundry room makeover!

  3. I really love your 2 fun treatments! You did an awesome job.
    Yes, black really stands out.

  4. Tamra says:

    Oh, wow, the change is incredible. Great job!

  5. Angela says:

    Those look fantastic! Really great job! 🙂

  6. Looks fabulous!!! Keep up the mistreatment, cause it is working for you!

    Have a wonderful day,


  7. The Nester says:

    nice work love them all but the last one really caught my eye!

  8. Kathryn says:

    What a wonderful new look! The fabric and trim you chose really “pops” against the wallpaper.

    Monday blessings …

  9. I like the “after” pictures–very nice indeed!

    BTW, I smiled when I saw the header picture on your blog. My daughter has that ice cream swing top from Gymboree and I do believe your son is wearing the froggie onesie from Gymbo–and my son has that too!

    ~ Sarah

  10. Hi, Amanda, thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed seeing your windows too & thanks for all the compliments. I’m honored that you added me on your favorites & hope that you’ll come back often. I’m always up to something!


  11. Lauren says:

    OMG! you’re famous!

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