Loving me some black and white

So Im so into the black and white thing right now. I have gone through over 8 cans of spray paint in the past few weeks. If its old, rusty, not the right color-it gets a new coat of black. I’ve been working on all the piece on my front porch- heres some pics.

And the before and after…….

And this!! My all time favorite find! I heart this flag….


5 thoughts on “Loving me some black and white”

  1. Kimba says:

    I love your makeover! It looks great in black! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love it! Don’t be getting high from all the spraying, k?

  3. 9405018--Pat says:

    Great Job!!!!! I love your flag may i ask where did you find it?
    Thanks for sharing…..Pat H

  4. I saw your sister’s flag. You are really swell 😀

  5. I am officially in love with your “new” planter. Note to self…must find one! Great job 🙂 My mom has that same flag design on her vinyl magnet mailbox cover. I think it’s such a clasic style.


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