Getting Christmas Crafty

So I’ve been in the attic this week- sorting through Christmas stuff. I am on a budget this year and wanting to re-do some things. I have had these red berry trees for years (1/2 off at Target after Christmas sale).

I am over the red berries- I’ve done the red berries-its time for something new. Since I heart spray paint -I thought “Why not?” . Im loving the bronze, golds and browns I’ve seen everywhere this year. So I got out my spray can and went to town. (I took these with my phone so they are not very good). I plan on decorating the fireplace this week (I know, I know-its early) so I will post the finished product when Im done.


4 thoughts on “Getting Christmas Crafty”

  1. GREAT idea!

    You should rename your blog ‘The Spray Paint Diary” because you’ve got the paint going on!

  2. I think they look even better now that they are painted. Great job!

  3. How clever! The tree turned out GREAT!

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