Its beginning to look a lot like….

Christmas! yes I know Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away and Im already getting out the Christmas decor- hey when you have 3 little ones underfoot- you HAVE to plan ahead or my house wouldnt be decorated until Presidents Day! So Melissa at The Inspired Room invited everyone to link up their Holiday post. If you havent visited her site YOU MUST!!!! Its packed with ideas and great tips.

Anyway-on to my decorating. I have started with the fireplace-its the easiest to decorate and doesnt take me days to do (like our 12 foot tree-yes 12 foot-THATS another post) I wanted to do simple and elegant (those words are SOOOO over used these days-but they work) I went with the browns, bronze, silver, and golds this year. Michaels has this whole section of amazing decor in these colors-but the prices-NOT SO MUCH. So I had to get frugual and “shop the house” again. I re-did my old red berry trees here. And I made a small wreath for the mirror out of an old wreath frame that had summer apples on it and wrapped Christmas holly on it.
The holly had the ugly red fake berries on it-I pulled those off and left it natural.
The ribbon is from my Fall stuff.

Heres the fireplace mantel area. I still have some tweeking to do.


3 thoughts on “Its beginning to look a lot like….”

  1. Looks amazing…will you come do mine? I think my pumpkins and gourds and gettin’ squishy!

  2. Hi Amanda…you really are getting “crafty Christmas”!! I love your mantle and your photos!!! I wanted to paint our mantle blackberry (i.e., black) and put our round black mirror above it…however…my beloved (stress on the word beloved) husband LOVES the natural wood (apparently it’s a Man thing). I was thinking about doing it anyway… however…it is his house too…and I did ask for his opinion. Currently, I’m in the process of showing him photos from catalogs and magazines with black mantles (black’s very manly too 😉 so he may change his mind…but I doubt if he’ll do so before Christmas! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work with us!
    P.S. Your family is beautiful!

  3. This is so pretty! Love the silver!

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