Its Holiday Time

Dont want to scare you people but we are only 7 weeks away from Christmas!!
And for those of us who decorate early- its time to pull those boxes out of the garage and attic, dust them off and get ready. I bought some spray paint last night (who me? buying spray paint?) because Im going to re-do some stuff- give a new look. Im on MAJOR budget this year (who isnt these days) So Im shopping my house once again to find stuff to decorate with. I will be posting some pics soon. But for now here are some fun ones I found for Fireplaces (they are a little over the top-but I like it)


4 thoughts on “Its Holiday Time”

  1. My hubby drug stuff out last night (I had to bribe him:D)

    I was so excited to see stuff I bought last year AFTER Christmas!

  2. Those are some stunning displays! Thanks for the inspiration. Can’t wait to get that stuff out of the attic.

    p.s. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that yummy momogrammed flag. Where did you find it…please share!

  3. Jinx says:

    I LOVE your tree!!!

  4. nice place you have what a lot of work also!

    Hey I see my dream tree! Those fireplaces rocked!

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