The After Christmas Blahs….

Anybody else get the After Christmas blahs? You know that let down feeling? All the holiday hoop-la is over? the long dreaded winter? Well that is where I am at- as I sit here and sniff may way though this. See not only do I have the blahs – I have the lovely after Christmas cold *sigh* (which may add to my blah-ness) Anyway- just so you know I wont park here. I go though this every year and my anti-dote? Tea-lots of it- and magazines- the January issues are always packed with great decorating and organizing ideas. I love getting into the de-cluttering zone. Its that whole out with the old- in with the new. So for your enjoyment I posted some inspiring pics to get you and me out of the blahs and into the ahhhhs!

(photos courtesy of Candice Olsen, Womans Day,Brandon Barre)


3 thoughts on “The After Christmas Blahs….”

  1. Lauren says:

    ah! so fresh and so clean, I’m aiming towards that 🙂

    Love it!! Don’t give in to the “blah’s” 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks for you comment. My brother-in-law’s house where we stayed is on Lake Anna near Spotsylvania and Fredricksburg. It’s a nice area, but the traffic in Fredricksburg is terrible.

  3. BBP says:

    Hi all!

    If you like the first image in this series (Candice Olson for Divine Design), you will find many more inspiring images on my new blog!

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