Garage Sales

Here in Texas we call em Garage Sales- I know every other State to the left, right & above us call them Yard Sales. Nonetheless- they are awesome. I can remember as I kid going with my mom to Garage sales & cringing the whole time- worried someone from school would see me. Or worse-the house we were at was someone from school. Well those days are over & I fear them no more! In fact I heart them-“like totally” (a little teenage flash back). I will have to say there are days you “score” and days you “bomb”. 2 weeks ago I had a “bomb” or shall I say “dud” day. I made the mistake of getting a little over zealous & purchased something my husband would call a silk handkerchief. A silk handkerchief is basically when you purchase something for a steal (like a suit) but with that suit you will have to buy the right shoes, shirt, tie and silk handkerchief-so your steal of a suit cost you more than you expected. Well my “suit” was a Peg Perego Polaris 700 ride on toy for my kids.

This thing is HUGE!! and they only wanted 2o bucks for it! It retails new for over $400! “Does it work?” I ask- “oh yea- you just gotta charge it up & go” ummm yea right! we charged, and we charged and we charged! no go. So I look up replacement batteries- “the shoes” $75 bucks! or it could be a switch “the tie” $15 bucks or it could be a wire “the shirt” $35 bucks- so my “silk handkerchief” sits in the garage collecting dust. But I have decided to get my money back! but in an honest way- (I decided against egging the sellers house) I have posted it on a local online website letting them know it does not work & would need a handy man who likes to “tinker” and willing to put $75-100 dollars into it. It would still be worth it to fix it up- but honestly I can think of other fun things to buy for $75. I have already had 4 people email about it- all of them men of course!
So thats my “bomb” story- but I do have a “score” story & this one only cost me $5 bucks- and the “shoes” “shirt” & “tie” will only be an extra $10! I will be posting about this one soon!


4 thoughts on “Garage Sales”

  1. ChrissyK says:

    Ohhhh, dont leave me hanging. what was your great deal? I look forward to finding out.

    BTW… this blog was very well written. I really liked the shirt, tie, and shoe analogy. Very cute

  2. Tammy says:

    I’ve tried to embrace the garage sale life…I just can’t do it. I don’t know why. We have a HUGE neighborhood sale coming up in a month and people come by the droves. We’ve participated on year and made a lot….need to get it together and do it again. Wanna come?! 😉 I guess it’s too far.

  3. foxxy says:

    I love garage sales too. I have an honest scrap award for you on my blog if you’d like to accept. I’ve been a shy follower of your blog. Your blog is on my sidebar.

  4. Mrs. Petrie says:

    We call them garage sales in NM, too! 😉

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