Well its time to bring out those dust-bunnies- I mean Easter Bunnies (the dust bunnies live here year round) Here are some pics of the Spring Decor. Its so tempting ever year to buy all new things because they always come out with such fun stuff- but I restrained myself and tried to “shop” the house.


11 thoughts on “Spring-a-ling”

  1. Robin says:


    Can’t wait to meet you!

  2. So very cute. I love spring decor and Easter colors. Your home is just lovely. I like how you have decorated, it looks so beautiful.

  3. Lauren says:

    Super cute!!!!

  4. Deidra says:

    Love that bird on the table!

  5. Hi I am visiting via T.I.R. What a great post. Love the bunnies!

    I hope you will stop by for a visit as I am currently hosting a giveaway.

  6. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my place today. I have never had so many wonderful comments before!
    A yellow and black damask “Sknob” would be sooo pretty and UNIQUE! I will do the contest drawing on Sunday and let you know if you win, if not shall I start painting one?

    I love all of your Easter decor. I got so tied up in this posting with Nester and opening my Etsy shop that I haven’t even thought about my Easter decorations. I need to dust off my favorite shelf in the kitchen and fix it up! Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Muthering says:

    orations are so pretty!

  8. All your things are just so cute, Amanda! Thanks for joining the party.

  9. So cute! Love those chocolate looking bunnies!


  10. I am with Bonita! Love the plates. Be blessed. Cindy

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