Yet another garage sale find!!

It time again for Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasures over at Southern Hospitality
This Saturday was another huge community garage sale in a neighboring town. I LOVE these community sales because you can hit so many houses in a such a short time. I found this faux stone picture that I KNEW would be a perfect chalk board for only $2. I forgot to take a before picture- so here it is when I started spray painting it.

And here is the after-

I looks perfect hanging in my laundry room. The black hanger is an old brass door knob that I pray painted black. But the DEAL OF THE DAY- was this amazing antique dresser! for $40!!!! I jumped for joy when I saw this. My in real life friend Kristen from WeareTHATFamily was with me- and she was just as excited as I was -and told me I HAD to buy it.

and I am so glad I did. I cleaned it up with some Murphy’s oil and put it in my living room. I first thought I would paint it-but have since decided against it. I love the different woods and all the character that it has- it even smells antique!
I am now officially hooked on garage sales and can hardly wait till next Saturday. Do they have a 10-step program for garage-sale junkies?


10 thoughts on “Yet another garage sale find!!”

  1. Oh my gosh…LOVE your “new” chalkboard, it is so cute. What a steal on the antique dresser too.

  2. CUTE dresser!! Great find 🙂

    And I love the chalk board thing too – I love what you wrote on it!! Super cute!

  3. Oh my word, what a deal!!!


  4. Oh, girl! You’re officially a yardsale junkie now, it will get in your blood & you won’t be able to resist those cute little yardsale signs all over the place on Sat. a.m. WOW, love the little thing you made into the chalkboard, that was a perfect idea for it AND the dresser. Oh my, glad you decided not to paint it, it’s too cute as is. What a great piece that is. I know you & Kristen must have a ball out there saling together. I’m so happy for you.

  5. Tina says:

    That dresser is FABULOUS! What a great deal!

    The idea of schleping 2 of my boys to garage sales just makes me queasy. Maybe one day, I’ll gather the courage I need and do it!

  6. Janis@An Inspired Life says:

    LOVE your chalkboard, so crafty of you!

  7. Christina says:

    Love your re-do. Looks great as a chalkboard.
    What a wonderful dresser too.

  8. I repainted my chalkboard last night (red) I liked it before, now I love it!!! And yes, that piece was meant to be a new family member!

  9. Merrie says:

    Oh, my, gosh. Don’t know what to be more jealous of. The sign is too cute, and too perfect- what a great idea. And the dresser…I am drooling over it. Great job!

  10. Kara says:

    That chalkboard is sooo cute! I love how you hung it with ribbon and a knob. I think I might need to copy this project!

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