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******I have updated my paint colors- click HERE to see the newest colors********

320 Sycamore is having a Paint Party! Everyone is sharing their favorite paint color. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Sherwin Williams paint fan deck. Sometimes I pull it out and just dream about all the rooms I would love to paint. Of course I would need a 40 room house to do that! But here are some of my favorites:
The living room- (which I JUST painted about a week ago-by MYSELF: $60 in paint compared to $800 the paint contractor quoted me!)

Its Sherwin Williams Ivoire (I cheated and had Home Depot mix it for me). This room has sooo many windows and the paint changes color all day. It starts off very yellow in the morning then by afternoon turns to creamy butter then a warm Tuscan bronze/gold in the evening. It truly is amazing. If you plan on painting a large room-please please make sure you view your paint in all kinds of light before you paint an entire 2 story wall and then hate it and have to prime it with Kilz and then repaint it (not like that happened to me or anything 😉 )

I heart this Sherwin Williams paint swatch- from the Navajo White all the way down to the Relic Bronze- I would love to have all of them to create a harmonious flow throughout the house.

The Kitchen is Sherwin Williams Blonde (one step darker from Ivoire), the cabinets are Behr Jet Black and the Island is Sherwin Williams Navajo White (the lightest on that same swatch).

The Laundry room is a Walmart $6 oops- and I unfortunately threw away the can. But I love the sunny yellow against the black.

My bedroom was the 1st room I painted in our house- I first had this over-zealous, Tuscan yellow (which did not make for a warm, romantic room) I lived with it for 2 years and then repainted it with Sherwin Williams Toasty- and let me tell you- it is T.O.A.S.T.Y Love it!

Dont mind the jumping kid- this was the best true to life color I could get and he happend to be in the way 🙂

I bought this AMAZING blue and brown fabric for one billion dollars a yard! but it was so worth it and I made a duvet cover and round table cover.

The guest bath downstairs is another color I have no clue what it is-sorry- but what I love about it is the stripes I painted. I first painted the walls with a flat- then taped off the stripes and painted the stripes with a gloss of the same color.

Once I finished the bathroom- I felt quite empowered and decided to paint the dining room a rich red with the tone on tone stripe. We first painted the walls with black primer (actually it turns out dark grey) then we painted with the flat red and taped off the stripes like in the bathroom. I was a huge project and dont know if I would do it again- (I HATE measuring and taping and measuring and taping) but I do enjoy this room. The color is Lowes Cherry Pie (flat and gloss).

I still have the small den to paint and plan to use the Sherwin Williams Navajo white-since this room adjoins both the kitchen and living room.

And just so you know- I have passed the paint-swatch loving addiction onto my 6 year old daughter. I found these in her purse the other day:

Now head on over to 320 Sycamore for more fun paint colors!!


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  1. melissa says:

    Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for joining the party today. That SW swatch is very popular, and for good reason~they are all gorgeous colors! I love your little boy jumping on the bed on that beautiful fabric you found with Toasty in the background 🙂 And look how much money you saved by painting yourself. I have also painted over many a times~it’s so hard to get it just right the first time. Have a great day~

  2. Amanda, your new Ivoire turned out great, it IS a beautiful color. You can’t go wrong using several shades off the same color strip.

  3. We use Sherwin williams colors in my home – love them and the paint guys are so nice at our store. I know this post is about paint – but I love your fabric.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Amanda, Can’t get enough of that SW paint swatch. Next to my rooms with Restrained Gold is a hallway that I almost painted Ivoire, but decided on a green instead. Love your rooms!

  5. Those paint swatches in your daughter’s purse are hysterical. I just spent 20 minutes calibrating the colors on my monitor to match a bunch of paint swatches I have in my idea folder, so that what I see on the screen is more true to life…the things we do for paint.

  6. duchess says:

    Nice choices. I happen to love painting rooms myself – then I have more money left over to accessorize.;)

  7. Jadehollow says:

    Amanda .. You did an awesome job! I’m seriously in awe over the red stripes.. I haven’t that much patience.. Way to go!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and colors.

  8. Alicia says:

    I have that same paint strip taped up to my wall! I always think I will choose another color but I end up coming back. I have Restrained Gold in the main part of the house and Blonde in the laundry room. I think Ivoire might be the next to go up. . . it looks so great in your house.

  9. ha… pay someone else to paint your house, no way! the stripes are addicting and look great… thanks for sharing!

  10. Marie says:

    Love all your paint colors! Great inspiration.


  11. Simply Susan says:

    Ack! at the $800 the contractor quoted you. I just do not think I would have paid that either, but of course I love to paint, lol.

    I love all of your colors, but I must say the red is DIVINE! It was worth all of the hard work ;o)

  12. Too funny! I was just helping a friend pick a color for her kitchen and she liked ivoire from SW. Although she has honey/maple trim and cabinets – do you think it would still look good?
    I also use SW but I’m on the latte strip and could use all of them in my house! When you know what you like, stick with it, right!?

  13. KarenB says:

    I’ve used the same Sherwin Williams card for my entire main floor. The only color I haven’t used is Ivoire! Check it out and see if you like the color flow. If you can tell, anyway. I also love your bedroom color. It’s so rich and beautiful. I think your Blonde color looks better with your black cabinets than with my white. But, it worked with the granite and the other walls.

  14. Pamela says:

    How in the world did you pint a two story living room yourself?? We are getting ready to be in the same situation and I would love to do it myself. What height ladder was involved?? Beautiful home!

  15. Suz says:

    I love the yellow wall & the red on red. I’ve always thought about trying the flat & gloss effect, just haven’t yet. Looks great!

  16. Oh, I just love all your rich, yummy colors! I tried painting a color similar to your “Toasty” color in two bedrooms, but couldn’t get the right shade. Didn’t work out for me, but yours looks fabulous!!! Great job! ~hugs, Rhonda 🙂

  17. ChrissyK says:

    I do remember those soaps. For sentimental purposes, I believe I still have one of those around. I know for a fact I do have the tag in her baby book. Fun times. Thanks again for that shower.

    I cant believe that they grow up, a fast too. She’s not my itty baby anymore.

  18. Lauren says:

    Your picture taking skills are impressive! 🙂 The house looks amazing, i can’t wait till you paint mine 😀

  19. LivingFree says:

    I found your blog, following the paint party, which I stumbled upon as I was looking for color inspiration as I paint my house. You have some great colors. I have a question regarding your bedroom. I just painted mine a similar color and plan on using a blue similar to yours for accent, but what color is your headboard and furniture. My husband wants to use black and I’m not sure how well it will show up against the dark brown. I used Sherwin Williams Java color.


  20. Interior Paint Color Guide says:

    Ivoire, Blonde and Restrained Gold are some of my go-to colors I use when helping homeowners pick paint colors. They are so beautiful, and always work!


  21. Anonymous says:

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  22. Humma says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I have selected mannered gold, restrained gold and blonde color theme for my open floor plan single home also. I have painted blonde in kitchen with white cabinets but didn’t like it ..please suggest what color i should pick from this family since i am very confused and searching the websites for last 4hrs to find a solution to already painted blonde kitchen with white cabinets..
    Please help.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I am thinking of using Toasty in my Family Room and wondered if you felt it turned out “peachy” I am afraid of peach colored browns… Thanks so much! You can email me at kdean at byu dot com 🙂

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