Yet another garage sale…..

So this weekend I decided to venture out……as in over 60 miles from my home! I know, I know, the yard sale rules….stay close to home. I had my reasons, one being there were NO good sales near me. This one was a community wide sale with over 50 homes participating (which I found to be a little over exaggerated) So off I went. The sale was posted as a start time of 9am- which is LATE for those of you who “know” how to shop. So I got there at 7am and let me tell you- I now wish I had been there at 6:30- there were trucks already laden with “stuff”, people scurrying about-madness I tell ya! But I did manage to find some deals-no furniture-which was my may reason for going-but still some fun stuff.

Everything in this picture was purchased for $5 (a piece) or less

The off white wrought iron piece will be spray painted black and put in my newly painted living room (which I STILL haven’t posted before & afters yet *sigh* I’ll get to it)

This amazing $5 chocolate brown wool rug- fit perfectly in my bedroom-of course I still need to vacuum it.

These great locker room baskets (which I see everywhere now). She wanted $1 a piece-they were stuck together with a melted candle- so she said “ok-how about $5 for the whole lot” Yep 12 baskets for $5!!!

This lamp-which does NOT need spray paint or new shades- its perfect AS IS-was $5 and looks cute in my daughters room.

So head on over to Rhoda’s Southern Hospitality for more fun treasure finds.


14 thoughts on “Yet another garage sale…..”

  1. I so remember those metal locker baskets!

    What’s the plan for those?

    Love that you only spent so little..makes up for the drive!

  2. Amanda, I love your finds this week! That brown wool rug looks beautiful. Locker baskets & lamp were GREAT deals. Even if you did drive 60 miles. ha-ha!

  3. You got some great finds there! I especially love the white lamp and the wool rug!

    I think it was worth the mileage!

    Have a great week!


  4. Great finds – love the locker room baskets

  5. Oh my, I am so jealous those are fabulous finds! I love those locker baskets and at 5.00 for 12 that is awesome! That iron piece will look awesome black! Awesome finds, I love it all, Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kimba says:

    Shut UP!!! You got those baskets for $5???? I’m beyond jealous…in a totally loving sort of way, of course.

    I can’t wait to see what you do with them!


  7. ~Caro~ says:

    I am green with envy, here.

    That wrought iron!?!?! WOOOOOW!!! Love love love it!
    And those locker baskets?! I’ve been searching forever for ONE, you totally SCORED!!

  8. What great finds! I love them all – especially the locker baskets and the lamp!

    I dream about running into some of those baskets someday, haha!

  9. Oh my…LOVE, all your finds, the wrought iron piece is gorgeous as is your lamp. GREAT deal on the locker baskets…what is your plan for them?

  10. Terry says:

    I’m so jealous of your finds! What a bargain you got with those baskets! I think driving a ways to hit a garage sale might not be so bad afterall!

  11. I love all your finds, especially the lamp-DAR–LING

  12. WOW, Amanda! I am so jealous of your amazing finds. 🙂 That lamp is gorgeous, I LOVE the rug, the iron piece will be stunning, and I can’t believe the deal on the locker baskets. I want some of those! 🙂 Worth the 60 mile drive.

  13. mbrown128 says:

    I would have driven 60 miles for those locker room baskets!!! I have some in my bathroom that I got on Ebay, I store my linens in them and use them like drawes on a shelf. I just love them.

  14. Tamara says:

    Add me to the jealousy list. I spent all day yesterday at and outdoor flea market place and never found any. I want some really, really bad.

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