Urn makeover

I have been wanting one of those huge iron or stone urns for my front yard. But the prices were WAY outta my pocketbook range- some were over $200!! So did I let that stop me- heck-no tech-no! I found these orange (I call them orange-they are suppose to look like clay) plastic urns at Garden Ridge- they were still a little steep for me $60. So I waited-and waited, well guess what?, they went on clearance and I got them for $14. I bought two and headed home to gather my spray paint. Cuz what else are you gonna do with orangey-fake-plastic urns? I loved the lines and the raised motif on these. The black spray paint really make them pop- at a distance they almost look like those old iron pots you see the Charleston area. Tip:fill the bottom of your large pots with foam peanuts-it will make the pot easy to move AND you use less dirt.

I then filled them with mums for the fall and will change them out for Christmas. I also plan on planting white tulips in them for the spring.


7 thoughts on “Urn makeover”

  1. You are a smart girl….love urns myself! I love yours!


  2. Susie Q says:

    I miss Garden Ridge Pottery…we have NOTHING like that up here…we don’t have Half Price Books either. If we had those two places here, my life would be complete.

  3. WOW, those look great! I wish I could get the nerve to try something creative…I’m a huge chicken.

  4. Wendy says:

    Much better in black! 🙂

  5. AH! are they still on sale??? did you get them recently…i’m dying to get those sort too!!! for like ever! you’re awesome!

    hey you are awesome…can i feature 10 things that make you happy in a post later in the month?


  6. You were smart to wait for the sale.What a bargain and the make-over is incredible!
    They are going to be so much fun to decorate at Christmas!

  7. Amy Jo says:

    What a great clearance find! You’ll use those for every season from here on out.

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