Where have I been?

Im sure you are all wondering where in the world have I been (at least I like to think you have missed me).  I have been buried knee-deep in dirty closets and repainting rooms. 



yes, this is my closet/well “was” my closet-



its amazing what a little tossing & adding baskets will do for a space. ahhh I feel better.  What I “really” want is a chandelier to glam up the space. and speaking of chandeliers, look what I did to my daughters closet.






Bye-Bye Doors- Hello glam-girl!



(and her walls are not that pukish-green in real-life (ugh I hate my camera)


added a little chandy ($25 at Hobby Lobby people!!!)


Some $3 baskets from Marshalls (yes $3-clearance baby!)

She LOVES her new closet-there is good and bad about removing closet doors: 1) It forces you to keep it clean but 2) your little brother has FULL access to all your stuff.


And now onto paint:

Last weekend I finally painted the family room-unfortunately my camera DID NOT capture a good picture.  Its Pottery Barn (Benjamin Moore) Berber White.



After that painting experience-I got the itch (anyone else get that)  I sat on the floor for days staring at this:


I finally got the guts to buy some samples and did this to the dining room wall:


Whats cool about this little “test” is I put it where my large mirror usually hangs- so until I make my final decision I can just hang the mirror back up and hide my “testing”.  I do still plan on doing the fun stripe with the flat & gloss finish-but I am dreading re-taping all that!  It was a chore the first time & because I have to prime everything I will lose my lines.


So that is what I have been up to.  and of course the snot fairy decided to visit us this week- JOY JOY JOY!


6 thoughts on “Where have I been?”

  1. Kristen says:

    Girlfriend—-will you come do mine??

  2. WHERE do you find the energy?!?! Seriously…you have the magic touch!

    You know…my camera has certain colors it doesn’t like, too. Pink being the main one. What color are most of my cookies? Pink. Of course!

    And, “snot fairy”…love it. Hoping it stays away from this house!

  3. Tammy says:

    You HAVE been busy, and it looks wonderful!

  4. Katy says:

    The closets look much better, I bet they’re happy (but not as much as you are). I really like your daughter’s closet, it looks like a little retreat. I took a door down from a closet in my laundry room and put up a curtain panel, it is now the cat’s room…they eat and *** in there.

  5. Janean says:

    you made those closets absolutely GLAM, you decor mavis! they’re awesome. $25 for a chand @ Hobby? what a sale! and then to test a paint color UNDER a mirror? Brilliant!!!

  6. Kim says:

    That is an awesome idea for the closet. We took the doors off of our girls closet months ago to do a similar thing, but I was always so intimidated. Thanks for making it look so easy. I think I now have a weekend project! yay

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