Baby steps

Slowly working on the guest bedroom/craft room makeover.  Its not really a make over but more of a cleanupthiscrap room.  Here’s where it started.  And I must be honest this is AFTER I threw out 3 trash bags of junk and cleared the floor so I could see it.100_9073

And then the inspiration- this $25 chandy from Hobby Lobby!


Add a little black & white damask table cloths and you’ve got curtains baby!! hemmed & all!


More to come!  I’ve got a mirror to spray paint, knobs to buy, boxes, bins, baubles, oh my!  Trying to take my time on this one and not get ahead of myself.  I always want things YESTERDAY!  Until then!  Have a great weekend!! I know I am-its ALL day shopping with my sisters Sarah & LaLa at the outlet mall- WITHOUT children- Praise Jesus!


2 thoughts on “Baby steps”

  1. Yes, yes…I need to know more about the curtains as well. I am curtain-illiterate.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I love your HL Chandy! I like both the blue and green paint you used on your last two posts.
    I also want to thank you for stopping by and joining my blogiversary PB giveaway. Good luck!

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