Color Calamity

I am dying on the alter of color conundrum!  I have gone through 8 little tester pots and outta  pocket over $40 for my dining room makeover.  I know in my “head” what I want but I cant seem to get it to translate onto my walls.  Im looking for a blue/green/grey look.  Not too light, not too dark.  I dont want it to look like a bathroom but still have a “spa” blue/sea green look.  Ya know?  Im going batty people, sheer analyzed until Im paralyzed.  Here’s what I’ve narrowed down to from left to right.  Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue, BM’s Wedgewood Grey, BM’s Covington blue and my own creation in the upper right hand corner (mixing my acrylic paints).  Note this room gets some light but not direct light-so it can be on the darker side more times than not.  HALP! 


and here it is in another light (see the colors change)



5 thoughts on “Color Calamity”

  1. Katy says:

    Paint color is hard (for sure), still haven’t finished a bathroom project that I was hoping to get done…ummm, like 2 weeks ago. Sad business.

    Maybe if you painted a larger area, that would help. (with the samples)

  2. Teresa says:

    A decorator I know swears by “comfort gray” by Sherwin Williams. Good luck!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, sure certainly.

  4. Hey, I see that Wedgewood Gray won, right?? I really have enjoyed it in my guestbath, so I bet you will too. Blue/green/grays are SO difficult to get right.

  5. aimeewrites says:

    It’s also REALLY hard to tell what the colors would look like in the room when they’re surrounded by the red. I would crop the red out of the photo completely to see how they look in there…

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