Nell Hills

If you have never heard of Mary Carol Garrity of Nell Hills you are missing out!! Next to Carolyne Roehm she is my favorite when it comes to seasonal decorating and party throwing. I found these pictures of a dining room table she did for Thanksgiving and loved the cream pumpkins.

Image: Nell Hills

I immedieatly ran to my fall box and pulled out mine that I had spray painted last year.

And I am so totally copying this idea for my urns & lanterns for the front yard.

Image: Nell Hills

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6 thoughts on “Nell Hills”

  1. ChrissyK says:

    Ok, I noticed you used primer and then white paint on your pumpkins last year. Im not all that intelligent when it come to crafting. Im ok, but not a wizard. But, why primer… what does it do? I know you need it for walls… but is it necessary for the pumpkins? Do you think you would notice a big difference if you just did white paint?

    ~ signed
    Curious and wanting to try it.

  2. I bought 3 Nell Hill books this year, one of them was a Christmas one. I love her books; I could look at those pictues over and over again! Love the white pumpkins. I did a mix of orange and white last year ~ some rooms had white some had orange. Not sure how I’m going to do them this year, though.

  3. That is so beautiful and extravagant! Sometimes I love simplicity but also there is nothing like a statement in a room! Really great ideas, thanks for sharing, they’re beautiful. I’m glad to see we all linked up at the fall nesting party together, isn’t it great? Happy nesting.


  4. Sarah says:

    Where have I been living, I had no idea about Nell Hills…running to check her out now! I loooove mercury glass. Your cream pumpkins look beautiful, and I love the lantern idea. Thanks so much for the inspiration:)

  5. Becolorful says:

    Great use of color. I’m getting weary of all the orange images out here. Yours is a standout.

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