Chair Makeover

 Over the years I have become more of a risk taker when it comes to my home. I tell myself “if it doesnt work-you can always change it, or sell it, or toss it. Most of the time my “risk” turn out to be my “reward”. Take for example this $5 yard sale chair.

Its been sitting in my bedroom for over a year in this current condition (sad but true). I went back and fourth with what to do with this chair. Slipcover?, professional reupholster? re-sell it?. Finally I decided got for it and try my very first ever reupholster job! Now this is NOT a tutorial. I am awful at giving directions but if you want great help head on over to Miss Mustard Seed-she has TONS of video tutorials on slipcovers, reupholstery and so fourth.

I basically just started ripping off the trim and cording, then got out the pliers and starting pulling staples and removing the fabric. Easy right? well lets just say now I know why it cost so much to professionally reupholster furniture AND why most often there are MEN that do the work. Most upholstery places I’ve been to I see men in there doing all the work- it takes lost of muscle I tell ya!

Here’s the naked chair

After all the fabric was removed-I decided to paint the wooden parts of the chair. I first lightly sanded then brushed on a cream colored paint I had left over from another project.

After that dried I quickly dry brushed on a light grey paint (again left over from another project). After the paint dried I lightly sanded the edges for a little distressed look-then applied antique glaze over the entire surface and wiped down the excess.

Next came the fabric- I used what else? but good ole Home Depot drop cloth because EVERYBODY’S doing it!!
and its cheap! and durable!!

Then I sewed my very first welted cording!! Easy peasy people! Miss Mustard Seed has a tutorial on that too!!

Here’s the after:

And here she is in my new office/Mom cave:

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6 thoughts on “Chair Makeover”

  1. Gillian @ Letters to Liney says:

    Lol to the “Home Depot drop cloth…everybody’s doing it”. So very true! What a great chair for $5 – even better with your first very professional looking reupholstery project. What a great risk!

  2. ChrissyK says:

    Talent, I tell ya!

  3. They do look fantastic! Great job!

  4. that chair still blows my mind!!!

    Can’t wait for the shoot! I just thought of a way to make it easy have your maid come the day before just so everything is fresh! lol!

  5. I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL TRANSFORMATION (all caps, because I am screaming it to the stars)!!! I really like the final paint color, too! CONGRATS!

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