Round Top

Last weekend I headed out to the Antique Market in Round Top, TX. This was my 1st time and let me tell you- It wont be my last!! A-mazing!!! I really was not prepared for the amount of vendors- there were over 400 in just ONE section! WOW. They opened the gates and 9am and I was told the traffic getting in would be a bear. So me being the over-zealous get up at the crack of dawn After Thanksgiving shopping mentality- I headed out at 6am! Well let me tell you I was the 5th car in line at the gate! woo-hoo!

I was squealing like a little kid- bouncing up and down in my seat!  Unfortunately I had no one to go with me- so next time I am soooo taking a sister or friend!  Squealing and clapping all by yourself is a little weird!

Once the gate opened and I drove like a bat outta hell  nicely to my parking spot- I headed straight to the port-a-potty (I figured get there 1st before they get all nasty after 10 million people use them) ugh.  Anyway I walked down isle after isle of amazing finds- furniture, chandeliers, frames, glassware, silver, antique toys, books, rugs- oh my, my little heart was beating so fast I started to think I was having an anxiety attack.  And I soooo didnt bring a good camera (lesson learned).  So here are some pics with my phone. 

My goal for the day- DONT LEAVE unless I find something!  Well at the very last stop-the very last booth- I DID!!  this is what I brought home with me:  And wait till you see what I did to it!!! 

A little hint:  this was my inspiration piece from Wisteria

The next Round Top antique fair will be in September and I will so be there!!  With cash in hand, friends in car and a LARGER vehicle!  


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  1. That chest is going to be gorgeous! I wished I could have gone, but I was out of town this time. I’ve been a few times, but never get to stay long enough!! Maybe in Sept., I”ll go and spend the night!! Oooh, that’s living on the wild side, doncha think???? 😀

    And fifth in line!! Wowsers!

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