Another Restoration Hardware DIY

Well another piece of furniture has succumbed to my sander.  My dining room table has bothered me since the day I got a wild hair to spray paint it brown.  (note to self: NEVER spray paint a piece of furniture in 100 degree weather) So for over a year I have lived with this painted, splotchy table.  After my success at Restoration-Hardware-ifying my dresser , I decided to tackle my table.


 Notice the glossy splotch?


And now to decide what to do with the chairs.  Part of me doesn’t want to stain them because it will be too matchey-matchey.  What I reeeeally want are these chairs from Restoration Hardware.

BUT thats over $1,200 in chairs!!  So for now Im on the hunt for something similar that I can reupholster myself.

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12 thoughts on “Another Restoration Hardware DIY”

  1. Kara says:

    Looks beautiful. I’ve been in the mood to refinish every piece of furniture in my house too.

  2. Angeline says:

    Beautiful table! (Does Ballard make a chair like this?)

  3. Mrs. DeVore says:

    Great Job, it’s really hard work refinishing a table like that. It looks awesome, very restoration hardwareish! 🙂 Love those chairs too! What if you painted yours a distressed creamy white and used a fabric similar to the restoration hardware chair?

  4. wow. amazing job! love how it looks, it makes that whole room so much more cohesive! I’ve got a kitchen table in dire need of some sanding and fixing up!

  5. amy darbonne says:

    I just adore the table setting…well done!!

  6. your dining room is so pretty – i love the new finish on the table!!!!

    btw – there will not be any pictures from the house on pemberton. she wouldn’t let me take them.

    soooo…..sorry about that.
    thanks for the comment!!

  7. WOW! Your dining room table is gorgeous. I think it is a huge improvement. How did you do it? I can’t get over the difference it made in your dining room.

    Kudos to you!

  8. Dear Lillie says:

    Beautiful! Am your newest follower!

  9. Heather says:

    How did you get your table to look like that? It’s so pretty! What was the process?

  10. Loving the table revamp. Dontcha just love the feel of sanding something down!? Super therapeutic 🙂

    I’ve got a chair in my garage that nearly matches the RH pic. Well, OK, the frame and style match 😉 It needs a good sanding, paint and some new fabric – still debating what to choose!

  11. Desiree says:

    I love what you did to your table! Thanks for visiting my blog and for ALL the great tips!! I do have a Home Goods 2 minutes from my house and 5 mins from my job, but I’m so unlucky in finding the great pillows like everyone else does there. I do sew and will take your advice and do it myself. I also love your bedroom. I have 2 of the little silver tables you have in your room. I got mine from Marshalls last summer. I’m just starting on my master bedroom. Hopefully I’ll have it done soon. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed to win! Thanks for all the great advice. I hope you continue to visit!

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