Ladies & Gents Im going topless!!  In my living room…..in front of my windows…….. seriously Im doing it!!  Im taking down my top……………… off my curtains!  (you were scared for a bit werent you?)

Thats right!! NO MORE VALANCES!!!  Im over-em—-done!!  Now don’t get all upset with me- I still like valances–just kinda tired of the look.  Its a bit too traditional for me.  and I want to let you know-its OK to go topless.  let those drapes hang out!! Let them be free!!  You will be amazed at how much more light your room will get!
Here are just few examples of some (in the words of my best friend)  “No Mam!!”  (and if these pictures are of your home or someone you know-I do apologize in advance)

Now to be fair to you Valance-lovers out there, here are some examples of treatments done tastefully. 

How cute are these? and love the pop of pink trim!!

Now here are mine:  I have had this Waverly Country House Toile for quite some time.  I still love it, but its just not the direction Im going in my home anymore.

And here it is now: (you’ll also noticed I painted.  Its Restoration Hardware’s Stone and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it)

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6 thoughts on “GOING TOPLESS”

  1. Maia Bee's says:

    I love the new curtains!! It makes your room look so much more open!! Beautiful!!!

  2. Oh wow….it REALLY opened it up and made it so light in there! I mean, it was already, but now even MORE so!

  3. Mamalicious says:

    Love it! I may duplicate in my living room!

  4. The changes you made are awesome. I couldn’t agree more about valances. And, the ones you noted for being done tastefully are the exact ones I would have listed. Love the new paint color as well!

  5. Mrs. DeVore says:

    LOVE the new color! It’s really beautiful! I think it looks so much better without the “tops”, so much more open and up to date!

  6. Becky@Organizing Made Fun says:

    Totally agree…ever since moving in our house in 2006, I have never had a valance anywhere and I don’t miss them at all! Beautiful – much more updated!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made FUn

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