A little Make-Up Make Over

I am so embarrassed to show you my make-up drawer.  It is beyond scary-movie.  Something HAD to be done.  

I found this great wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby and decided it would be perfect to line the drawer with it.  A few coats of gold spray paint on some Dollar Store storage bins and voila!  

The little saucer that holds my tweezers and eye pencil sharpener is from an antique teacup that broke.  I just couldn’t part with the saucer and now it has a home. 

Now all I need is some new make-up!


9 thoughts on “A little Make-Up Make Over”

  1. I have that wrapping paper!
    Love the idea of the gold spray paint. Add that little something extra.

  2. Debbie--http://refreshrestyle.com/ says:

    Such a cute refreshing idea, I need to do this!

  3. that is so so cute what you did to your makeup drawer! I totally need to do something like this! 🙂 I love that green paper 🙂


  4. So cute! Can you come clean out my makeup BAG?!? 😉

  5. Bridgette says:

    Super cute and organized! Love it!

  6. Rachael @ Roco Rennie says:

    Great idea with the wallpaper, I am so glad someone elses makeup drawer (used to)looked like mine xx

  7. natcalgal says:

    Don’t you just love doing such a small project and getting such huge results? Now, every time you open that drawer….you’ll smile. I love the paper you used….great job!

  8. Shannon says:

    I have those same plastic containers left over from my teaching days, but mine are hot pink and cobalt blue. I never thought about painting them? I’ll have to copy that idea.

  9. Erika Ward says:

    Girl, you are dangerous with a can of spray paint. Makes the containers look like they cost much more than $1~

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