What if?

So I was having this conversation with my sister the other day.  I was telling her how I loved Z Gallerie and Restoration Hardware and if I could just combine the two it would be my “perfect” style.  She suggested I make an inspiration board with the combined styles. Thanks Sissy!!

So If Z Gallerie and Restoration Hardware got married and made babies this is what it would look like:

Now I’ve just got to work on the name- Z Hardware?  Restoration Gallerie?  Z Restoration? Hardware Gallerie?  Zestoration Harderie? hmmm

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4 thoughts on “What if?”

  1. The Exchange says:

    Love it Amanda! I think we have the same style and have often thought the same thing! You have GOT to tell me, where can I get that brown geo rug (Looks like Trina Turk pattern) I have to have it for my kitchen!!

  2. Elsa says:

    I am drooling over that board! I have a love-hate relationship with RH. I love their stuff, but when I order something they want to take 6+ months to deliver…it drives me INSANE.

  3. Niiiiiiice combination. Lovely inspiration board 😀

    As far as the names….I like Z Restoration!

  4. hollyG says:

    I love the Z-hardware design board! Found you through A’lamode.

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