The Fall Issue of House of Fifty is here and it doesnt disappoint! Full of great eye-candy, awesome recipes, fashion, even a little fitness for you healthy people (AKA my sister)

House of Fifty

The cover alone was enough to make my heart flutter.  

I immediately ran to the kitchen and made myself a of cup of tea and settled down to read it before the kids woke up.

So go get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and find a comfy chair and enjoy!
House of Fifty


3 thoughts on “HOUSE OF FIFTY”

  1. Thanks for the shout out on your blog Amanda! Glad you enjoyed it, we had so much fun working on this issue, now off to begin issue 3!

  2. Lauren @ Team Giles says:

    I SO have that black and white pillow in the last picture 🙂 its in my office. who knew I was so stylish!

  3. I have had it open, but haven’t head time to examine every single page like I want, but there is a ton of eye candy!

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