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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting with Emily Hewett of A Well Dressed Home.  We had originally planned on meeting up at a local Starbucks but Emily emailed me and asked if I wanted to meet with her in her home. I was beyond excited to see her home in person!  And let me tell you- it is gorgeous!!  And Emily is just a jewel.  We had so much fun chatting about fabrics and furniture and blogs.

We enlisted her husband to take a photo of us.  After we of course got our lip gloss on!

Emily had just had all her interior doors painted a dark smokey gray and they were just stunning in person!

And after seeing her gray & cream rug- I went home and bought one for my home office.  Thanks Emily  😉

Here are more photos of Emily’s beautiful work:
Here’s what Emily had to say:
When did you know that Interior Design was your passion?
When I was in 2nd grade! I begged my Mom to allow me to trade in my mauve/green floral Laura Ashley bedding and drapes for something “cool.” Once she agreed, I wasted no time searching for the perfect shade of teal paint for the walls. I then selected a bright purple bedspread, colorful pillows and a bunch of abstract 80’s art. I had so much fun!
 I also remember being in 6th grade Spanish class and sketching homes for all of my friends and passing them out in class! Needless to say, I didn’t do so well in Spanish! 🙂
Where do you find your inspiration?
 I find most of my inspiration in magazines…but I also pay close attention to homes/interiors in movies and on tv shows. I fell in love with Cameron Diaz’s house in the movie “The Holiday.”
What is your favorite book/magazine on design? How about your favorite site?
Elle Decor is my favorite magazine…and I love Decor pad…so many inspiring pictures! 
What is the most frustrating aspect of your job as a designer? And the most rewarding one?
I would have to say the most frustrating part of my job is when a client wants me to give their room a certain look, but is not willing to take the necessary steps to achieve it…ie replacing outdated furniture, paint colors, etc. 
The most rewarding part of my job are the wonderful emails that I receive from my amazing clients and readers. I had one woman tell me that she looks forward to my blog posts every morning when she wakes up and that a new post in her inbox was like a little treat for the day. I love that…
What decorating techniques/ideas/projects would you recommend to a homeowner who wants a quick fix to their room?
Paint, paint, paint! It’s the least expensive way to make a huge impression! 
What’s something you should never skimp on when decorating your home?
The staple pieces such as a sofa or a bed. 
What’s your favorite color combination lately?
I’ve been big on combining neutrals such as whites, taupes, ivories and grays for some time now. I just love the calm feeling those colors bring to a room. 



Most cherished possession?
Yikes! I’d love to say it’s some vintage piece of furniture or something design related, but I think I’d have to say a diamond cross bracelet that I designed, which I never take off. The bracelet is special to me because the center diamond on the cross was the diamond in my grandfather’s wedding band.
What would your dream project be?
I would absolutely love to do a surprise makeover for someone very deserving! Seeing their reaction would be priceless!
Thank you so much Emily for having me in your lovely home and sharing your design insights.  To see more of Emily’s work visit her HERE

8 thoughts on “Coffee With… Emily Hewett”

  1. Emily @ A Well Dressed Home says:

    Thanks so much, Amanda! I had so much fun getting to know you and trading design secrets! 🙂

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home

  2. Wow! I’m loving her home! So comfy and stylish! Thank you for the introduction! She seems to be a really fun person to know!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Amanda.

    By the way, you both look great!


    Luciane at

  3. Emily’s home and style is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  4. elizabeth@themustardceiling says:

    Gorgeous! I love the soft gray throughout with the dark gray interior doors.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh what a great space! I am off to go see if you mentioned where you found your rug. I love it!

  6. Lauren @ Team Giles says:

    I SO want Emily’s kitchen, its so fantastic!

  7. So fun to see the photos and hear more about Emily!

  8. Stacy Curran says:

    Her house is GORGEOUS! I love the two mirrors and desk under the stairs — so unusual and creative. Perfect for the space

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