New Pillows

I have been itching to change out my sofa pillows for something a little more “Autumn-ish”.  I found this great solid rust colored remnant a few weeks ago and loved it.  I decided to pair it with Robert Allen’s Vintage Plume. 

 I LOVE all the colors in this fabric.  For Christmas I will change out the solid rust pillows for a solid Peacock Blue velvet.  

The center pillow is Windsor Smith’s Pelagos.  I want a skirt made out of that fabric!  How cute would that be?

Please ignore my ghetto sofa.  We are waiting till the little ones are older before we invest in a new sofa.  For now this slipcover from SureFit works just fine.  I have to wash it once a month (which tells me we are not ready for a new sofa anytime soon)!


5 thoughts on “New Pillows”

  1. Tiffany @ Savor Home says:

    I LOVE the Windsor Smith Pelagos pillow! The fabric is great and it would be perfect on my couch. And your ghetto couch looks great to me! 🙂

  2. elizabeth@themustardceiling says:

    I am loving all of the fabrics on your sofa. The rust pillow brings out the touches of rust in the Vintage Plume pillow. Your sofa looks great to me!

  3. Cakewalk says:

    I love your pillows! And your couch inspired me to do something about mine, since I want a change but have two little boys. You have a beautiful home. 🙂

  4. Stacy Curran says:

    LOL you are too funny with the “ghetto sofa”. We have a friend who always insists on yellow mustard instead of all the nice ones I buy for cookouts, so we call it her “ghetto mustard.”

  5. Love the color combos and patterns, the rust color is definitely a nice change for fall…I actually just ordered a couple similar warm colors from etsy!

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