A little Christmas

There is this great little garden center in my town that is always a treat during the holidays.  I only wish I had my good camera with me- so these camera phone photos will have to suffice.  

They had this great candy land themed section- goodies at every turn.

Loved these candy-land nutcrackers.

All of their chandeliers were decked out.

These red and green ornaments were HUGE!

These gold ornaments were the size of my 3 yr old.

I completely fell in love with this ribbon- bad news was the shop owner told me someone had already bought every bolt they had!

Love how they took several different ribbons and draped them through the tree.

Lovely mercury glass

This deer wanted to come home with me.

Again weaving several types of ribbon through the tree.

This was my favorite tree- golds, coppers, browns and pale green with a punch of leopard.

Great little owl tucked under a glass cloche.

Love these lanterns tucked into the tree.

Instead of a tree topper- why not tuck in a bunch of branches and greenery.

Love the red and gold tree with all the ribbons (see the beautiful music note ribbon?)

And speaking of ribbon- they had TONS to choose from.

An entire wall of garlands

Loved how realistic this swag was.

The front windows had these great ornament garlands hanging in them. hmmm I see a fun DIY.

The outdoor nursery is just as beautiful!

Well hope you were inspired by my little shop tour.  So fess up are you itching to pull out the Christmas decor as much as I am?

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10 thoughts on “A little Christmas”

  1. ChrissyK says:

    Where is this place???

  2. Rachael@ Roco Rennie says:

    I LOVE Christmas!!! Thank-you so much for your lovely comment recently. I had been having a hard time with Migrannes and your comment was so inspiring in getting me back to what I love, blogging – So thank-you so much xx

  3. Marjorie says:

    what store was this?

  4. Hey Amanda! I can’t believe it is time to think about christmas already! WOW! I just wanted to let you know I awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award today over at Living Savvy!

    Have a good weekend!


  5. You’ve totally got me in the spirit now! My daughter would love those candy land nutcrackers!

  6. Shannon says:

    I love that ribbon too and the deer. I put up my Thanksgiving Tree the day after Halloween so I’m not ready to decorate for Xmas yet. The Thanksgiving Tree will get a Xmas “makeover” right after turkey day. What a cool store, thanks for all the great ideas.

  7. Kathysue says:

    Lots of inspiration!!What a beautiful nursery!! I did a post today on the direction I am going for my Christmas dining room!! I guess it is not too early to think about it, because my mind in spinning too!! Happy Weekend,

  8. It always takes me a little time to get into Christmas but I absolutely love all the decorations.. seeing all the colorful store displays like this, I may pull out the tree a little earlier this year 🙂

  9. What a cool, and dangerous, spot!!!

  10. Love, Chloe says:

    OMGosh!! I am in the HOuston area. Does anyone know what store this is and where it is? I HAVE to HAVE those cupcake nutcrackers and the huge cupcake ornaments!! Anyone??? TIA, Melynda

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