3 Quick Room Fixes

*******THIS IS A REPOST FROM JUNE 2010*******

If you are craving change in your home and have a limited budget- here are 3 quick fixes to get some “instant gratification”.  And believe me these 3-fixes are “no brainers” and you all already know about them- Im just here to encourage you to “go for it”.

The cheapest, quickest and most substantial change to any room is with paint.  You can take a dark dreary room to light and bright with just a gallon or two of paint.  Or do the opposite with your white dreary walls and warm them up with a cozy color.  For some expert advise on paint colors- read my “Favorite Paint Color Series” Part 1 and Part 2   And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Its just paint- if you hate it- paint it- or repaint it.

#2 FABRICS- (i.e. Pillows)

It is amazing how much a few throw pillows with a punch of color can change up a room. And the pillows DO NOT have to match the colors in the room.  Its totally OK to toss in that vibrant orange pillow, that pop of magenta, or that bold graphic print.  Great places to buy inexpensive pillows are HomeGoods, TJMaxx, or Target.  Or if you sew make your own.  And there are TONS of tutorials out there on how to sew a pillow.  Read Janel’s easy tutorial from Isabella & Max Rooms  HERE.  Another quick way to get a pillow- placemats!  Target has some great fabric placemats that are double sided.  All you need to do is remove some of the stitching on one side-stuff the pillow and hand sew the open seam or even better- hot glue the seam up!  I do it all the time! (and burn the heck out of my fingers in the process). 

Image: Decorpad
Iamge: HGTV.com

When I was little and my family got bored we re-arranged the furniture.  Seriously, I can remember switching the couches around and bringing in pieces from other rooms.  It always made things feel fresh and new even though it was still our “stuff”- just seeing it in a new light.  One of my favorite things to do when Im on “home decor lock-down” is “Shop the House”.  Bring that mirror from the living rom into the dining room.  Move that dresser from the bedroom to the living room.   And sing the song from Madagascar “I like to Move it” while you work.

So have fun-get bold and try that new furniture arrangement, paint that bedroom a warm cozy gray, add that hot pink pillow to your sofa.  You can do it!!