Decorating with trays

Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday being with family and friends.  Speaking of which- I am taking this week off.  I need a little blogging break and want to spend some time hanging out with family and focusing on the New Year.  I will be posting some oldies but goodies this week from my archives.  Be back after the New Year!!

*********REPOST FROM MARCH 2010***********

Want to know a little design secret?………..everything looks better on a tray.  I dont know what it is-but take a collection of pretties and put them on a tray and voila! everything looks better.  As I survey my house I realized that I have at least one tray in every room.  I am tray-crazy! painted, mirrored, lacquered, textured-I’ve got em all!
Here are some other fun pictures with trays:
Source: Here
Image: Lonny Mag

Image: Here