E-Client Boy & Girl Room

I recently was contacted by the sweetest gal. Her and her husband have adopted two precious girls from China, have a sweet little boy of their own and are now expecting a new baby!  WOW!
She was wanting to put the two 3yr olds together in a room-a girl and a boy-so she asked me to help design a gender neutral room with a little punch of color.

Here is the room (this was a photo taken from the previous owners of the home):

She had already purchased these beautiful beds from Restoration Hardware and just needed help pulling the room together with color and fabric.

And here’s what I came up with:  I decided to add a little pop of coral to her daughters side and the spring green to her sons side- both of these colors work well with the navy.

I received an email from her recently and she loved it so much she had already purchased all the items on the board!  Its emails like that which make this job so much fun!!!

p.s.-out of respect  of my paying clients I will not share sources.Thank you for your understanding.


11 thoughts on “E-Client Boy & Girl Room”

  1. Simply LKJ says:

    Love the color combinations! Beautiful design board. I shared a room with my younger brother for awhile when we were young. I would have loved a room like this!

  2. Love the fresh colors! And the storage ottomans are inspired. No wonder she loves it!
    BTW, if you don’t mind sharing, what software do you use for creating your boards? I’m in the process of trying out a couple…

    Enjoy your day!
    xo Heidi

  3. You are a genius! This is such a gorgeous solution. The colors really work well together. It would be fun to see pics of the room once it’s complete!

  4. Stacy Curran says:

    It’s perfect! I love how you use color, especially that beautiful green. Did the client see it yet? She must be thrilled!

  5. Love your design, especially the stripes! So nice when a client is on board with your vision.

    Found you through Living Savvy- love your site!

  6. its gorgeous love the colour pallette its not easy to cater for both a girl & boy but this works perfectly

  7. This looks awesome! Love the color combos and the stripes just send it over the top. Aren’t you lucky to get such willing and able clients? Can’t wait to see pics!

  8. Marjorie says:

    Looks great! I had to smile when I saw those knitted animals, we have those exact ones for our gender neutral nursery 🙂

  9. Oh wow! I hope she plans on sharing the after shots!!! I love it!!

  10. Mrs. DeVore says:

    This looks awesome! Love the color combo!

  11. Love this design plan & the color scheme is brilliant. Popping over from Vintage Revivals where you were listed as someone’s favorite blog. I can see why!

    Warmly, Michelle

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