Gold Leafing

When I was working on my office makeover I had a hard time finding a budget friendly chandelier.  I knew I wanted something gold, sleek and not cost me more than the entire room makeover.  While searching HomeDepot I found this:

Angelina 3-light chandelier– it was sleek, it was cheap ($75) BUT it was not gold

So off to Hobby Lobby for a little gold leafing kit:

It was a fairly simple application- you paint the glue-y stuff on, lay on a sheet of gold leaf, brush it all down with a soft bristle artist brush.  

Note: This stuff does get everywhere- so make sure you cover your surfaces with paper or plastic.

And here it is hanging in my office:

 much better, no?


13 thoughts on “Gold Leafing”

  1. Amanda,

    Wow! It’s glamourous! I really like it and it goes perfectly w/ your mirror.

    I actually like Home Depot for lighting. There some nice ones there now.

    Thanks for stopping by!


    Luciane at

  2. It looks like a million bucks! I love it!! I had always wondered how well that gold leafing worked. Great idea.

  3. Simply lovely! The perfect addition to your perfectly beautiful office space!

  4. Lovely!! Thanks for the reminder to not limit ourselves to the finishes available. 🙂

  5. Stacy Curran says:

    Sooooo much better! So it’s official…. everyone but me can do gold leaf! My project was too disastrous to post

  6. Lisa Mende Design says:

    Beautiful! You are so smart and resourceful!!!

  7. Allison says:

    It looks beautiful! I have been wanting to try my hand at gold leafing. You did a perfect job with it.

  8. Kathysue says:

    Love love it, what a transformation, good call on your part, you had a vision and it was spot on. Kudos to you Miss Amanda,Happy Weekend, Kathysue

  9. You know I love the gold makeover!!! and your Dining Room idea board is gorgeous, I’m studying it for mine!!! AND, you’re genius on the canvas headboards!! Well done girl!

  10. The light looks so pretty, I always wondered how that gold leafing works, I love the gold!

  11. Snippi Tippi says:

    how great is this project too?! Love your blog- very inspiring!!

  12. Its looking very Glamorous & so beautifully it has been created. Really like your efforts done it…Great work.

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