Apartment Therapy

Holy Moly!  I’m on the front page of Apartment Therapy!  My dear friend Bridget sent me a tweet saying she found my office drapery on Apartment Therapy – so I clicked on over and saw this:

Thank you Apartment Therapy!! *happy dance*


20 thoughts on “Apartment Therapy”

  1. Simply LKJ says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved!!

  2. Woo hoo! Congrats, Amanda!

  3. Just what a mom with sick kiddos needs to make her day! Congrats!

  4. Laurie says:

    Woo Hoo!!! Happy Dance.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! Those curtains are perfect (especially the way you did it!) Job well done! Enjoy your Tuesday – Jalon

  6. Emily @ A Well Dressed Home says:

    Yaaay! Thant’s awesome, Congrats!!!!

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home

  7. Congrats, that is so awesome! You are one talented lady!!!

  8. OOH how exciting! Congratulations Amanda! I love that shot of your beautiful office!

  9. Sita says:

    How wonderful! Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations! That’s great news!

  11. Im doing the happy dance, too! So happy for you. I hope you are doing well.

  12. Holly says:

    Sweet! That is a great mention. And your draperies are beautiful.

  13. elizabeth@themustardceiling says:

    Awesome! Congrats Amanda. What a way to brighten your day.

  14. Wow girl! That’s so awesome! Yay!! Thinking of you and thought I would check in and see what you’ve been up to. Congrats!!

  15. How cool is *this* !!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!


  16. Congratulations! I saw that West Elm pinned this image. You’re a rock star! 🙂

  17. That is amazing! The boost in traffic is fun too!



  18. Total happy dance! I’ve been spreading the words to friends around here about your genius idea too. =) Great job.

  19. Unknown says:

    Congrats!!! Can someone by any chance tell me where the white and gold dresser is from? Thanks’!!

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