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Today I am excited to have Lori from Lori May Interiors here for “Coffee With”.  I found Lori’s blog last year and immediately connected with her and her style. And we have both made a pact to one day do a vlog on our blogs (we both hate being on camera!) I am actually going to have the chance to meet her in person this summer at the Haven Conference–  I’m so excited!

Lori recently finished a gorgeous makeover on a Downtown loft filled with lots of blues, grays, creams:
Here’s what Lori had to say:
When did you know that Interior Design was your passion? 


I don’t know if there was really a light bulb moment for me.  I have always loved beautiful things and beautiful spaces.  It seemed natural to make my surroundings the same.  What was most moving for me was to find out that other people thought that my spaces were beautiful as well.  This led me to design spaces for others.  It was a wonderful discovery that has led me to this amazing career.
Where do you find your inspiration?  

My clients give me a great deal of inspiration.  My goal is to create a beautiful, comfortable space that works for everyone in the family.  Ultimately, it’s their home and the way that they live inspires me to create a space that is both beautiful and works perfectly for them.  My tagline is “inspired by life” and I believe it wholeheartedly. It’s true for me and for my clients.

What is your favorite book/magazine on design? How about your favorite site?
Of course there are the online resources, Pinterest, Houzz and Decorpad and all of the fabulous blogs out there.  But, I am a magazine junkie.  I love them all. Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, Veranda, Elle Decor and Architectural Digest  there are way too many to name.  I also pick up regional magazines  when I travel.  It’s nice to step outside my box here in the South and see what else is out there.


What is the most frustrating aspect of your job as a designer? And the most rewarding one?

Ahhh, it’s hard for me to complain about the frustrations of my job, because I am so grateful to be doing what I love.  But, if I have to pick one, it would be that there are just not enough hours in the day.  My girls are in school for part of the day and that is when I do the majority of my work, but then I do another 3 or more hours after they go to bed. Trying to find a balance between my family and my work is the most frustrating thing for me.  The reward though, is very great.  My girls will grow up with a mom who works hard at something she loves to do.  This, to me, is one of the most valuable gifts I can give to them.  Find something you love to do and work hard.  The rewards are infinite.
What decorating techniques/ideas/projects would you recommend to a homeowner who wants a quick fix to their room? 

Paint and pillows  I know this is not the first time you’ve heard this, but paint is the quickest and one of the least expensive changes you can make to your home.  If you don’t want to paint, then change out your accessories.  New pillows make me smile.  It’s an easy change that can be made seasonally.
What’s something you should never skimp on when decorating your home?

The planning! Don’t go out and just start buying.  Create a plan.  What do you want the room to feel like?  Does it work for you?  What changes can you make so that it will work more efficiently for you?  Make a wish list and create budget.  Keep your paint colors and swatches with you at all times.  That way when you see something you love, you’ll be spending your budget wisely instead of just bringing more random clutter into your home.
What’s your favorite color combination lately? 
 I’m loving blue and white with a splash of yellow!  I’m a traditional girl at heart, so the blue and white combo will always be one of my favorites, but with a splash of citrine yellow thrown in you get an updated, more modern look.
Your Most cherished possession?  
My family, for sure, without them, all this really means nothing.
What would your dream project be?  

My dream project would be planning and building my own dream home.  I’m very fortunate to have a husband who loves design almost as much as I do.  We built a home that we had to move from several years ago and we loved the process.  Maybe, in a few years, we’ll see.  I have the inspiration file started…
Thank you Lori for sharing your tips and insights on design.  I love her tagline “Inspired by Life” and from her blog and her design work you can see she lives by this principle.  If your not already following Lori’s blog– you should!



















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  1. Simply LKJ says:

    So much fun getting to know more about fellow bloggers!

  2. Holly says:

    Lori is a busy lady and love seeing her here with her insights. I agree about not skimping on a plan. It’s so important and I don’t think a lot of people realize that. Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for having me today, Amanda. I love this series and I’m so honored to participate.

    Can’t wait until Haven! Maybe we can do our first blog post together from there!

  4. I love reading what other designers have to say. Smart tip to have a plan and carry along paint swatches!

  5. Thanks for this post Amanda. I just joined Lori’s blog…where have I been?! Working hard to one day grow up and be like her I suppose!
    Love this series…literally had to put down my coffee to write this comment!
    Have a great Friday ~ Laura

  6. Stacy Curran says:

    Oh my gosh, I didn’t know her blog and am so excited! Right up my alley! Thanks for the intro
    xo Stacy

  7. Loved reading about Lori. Her work and blog inspires me as well!

  8. Great interview, you two! I love Lori’s blog and the beautiful spaces she designs! Can’t wait to see the vlog!

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