Restoration Hardware’s got color

When I say “Restoration Hardware“- I’m sure this image is what comes to mind:

Lime washed woods, lots of linen and void of color.

Now don’t get me wrong I adore the Belgian style and have drooled endlessly over their showroom and catalogs.  But I also crave color and feel that I would tire of this look throughout my entire home.  So much to my surprise I received an email from Restoration Hardware introducing their new 2012 Source Book.  My heart did a little pitter patter when I saw this:

Color!!! and blue of all colors – one of my favorites.

Now I’ll just give you some blues to drool over (get your Pinterest finger ready) 

Along with their blues there is the warm charcoal gray – which I think pairs lovely with the blue.

Now don’t get your pretty little heads worried – Restoration Hardware still holds true to their lovely neutrals – but they’ve mixed it up and bit and added some new elements to keep it from feeling so matchy-matchy:

I was also excited to see a few pages dedicated to our Houston flagship store that they opened earlier this year – this place is amazing.

Funny story – I was actually in the store the day they did this photo shoot – I was standing right behind the photographer when he took this shot.

He was actually sitting on a coffee table with his camera on a tri-pod taking careful care to get the right shot.  I so wanted to just walk up to him and ask if I could get some pointers.  I’m sure he would have shooed me away!

And this—- is the 3rd floor rooftop garden – *sigh* it is a sight to behold!

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour and got some great inspiration!


18 thoughts on “Restoration Hardware’s got color”

  1. Impressive showroom…wow! I am glad they also believe in color like you I love Belgian design but it was starting to feel a little boring so happy that they decided to add a little spice into the mix!

  2. Holly says:

    Alas! Some color at RH! I swear I see some denim in that one photo. Oh my word. That store is pretty serious that you’ve got down there!

  3. Simply LKJ says:

    While I love neutral, I am loving the addition of that denim blue!!

  4. I love a neutral palette, but I have to say that the smallest injection of color (that blue) is a sight for sore eyes. I think it was about time for them to add a little color to their selection!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t visited the site in a long time and the last time I was in RH it was all neutrals. Loving the blue!

  6. Such inspiration Amanda! I love the indigo! I haven’t been to the flagship store yet. I can’t wait to see it!

  7. Amanda–I just found your delicious blog–I’m drooling! I am certain to lose a good hour tonight scrolling through your beautiful posts . . . Would love to meet for coffee and talk all things pretty–love our shared names & house plans!! Fondly! Amanda

  8. The blue does look stunning with the neutrals. Don’t all their pieces look so rich? I am in love with that metal bed!

  9. A welcome addition to the RH collection! Loving that metal bed…pinning it now!

  10. Gail says:

    Hurray!!! FINALLY….some color to their collection! And like you, I LOVE blue! Now, if they would include furniture small enough to fit into the “average” size home instead of your basic mansion! I have always loved RH but was getting tired of the Belgian “colorless” look. Wish we had a store like that in L.A.

  11. Kathysue says:

    I am so glad to see some color, I felt the RH really missed the boat when they got rid of their look we all loved and went all gray and neutrals and shabby/industrial. I hope their marketing team changes things up even more in the near future. We are all ready for some COLOR!!! Thanks for the heads-up on the blue, love it!! Kathysue

  12. Those blue wingback chairs are gorgeous!! I agree that I love the nuetral look, but I think I’d get bored quickly with it. When I was doing Christmas shopping in Highland Village that was the first time I saw their new store. It looked gorgeous lit up at night, but I still haven’t had a chance to walk through it. I’ll have to go soon! Too funny that you were there the same time the photographer was.

  13. Donna says:

    I love it!! Like you, I’m glad that they have introduced some color; I love blue!!! And that showroom is awesome!! Definitely photos to pin for inspiration!!

  14. Oh, I am so with you here Amanda! I was so happy to see the beautiful blues in the new sourcebook.

    I may have to make a trip to Houston to see that amazing store! Road trip?

  15. Wow! And just think…we all act like the ‘RH Look’ has been around forever, when the fact is they just transformed themselves a couple years ago! That is some terrific re-branding.

    As much as I want to ‘find’ the perfect old sofa and reupholster, their chesterfield is sooooo tempting. In blue, natch. 🙂

  16. I’m so happy they’re adding some color…I think they just need a pop of pink. 😉

    Ooo…I need to get myself down to the showroom…just to take a peek!

  17. We’re getting a new store too, and I can’t wait to check it out! Hope everyone’s feeling better…now show us those lamps!! And WHOOP about the AT feature!!!!! you rock!

  18. That showroom is awesome!! I really love this!

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