Spring Break and sickie kids

So sorry I have been MIA this past week.  We were on Spring Break and low and behold a kid had to get sick – as in 7 days straight with fever kinda sick.  And now the oldest is ill – she apparently has a severe inner ear infection-causing dizziness and vomiting – oh joy….

I did get a few projects done in between playing nurse-mom.  One being these awesome lamps I scored at a local Hotel Liquidation Warehouse – for $15 each!!! I’ll post the Afters later this week when I can get some decent pics.

I am also finishing up adding some greek key trim to my dining room drapes.  I purchased this fabric and cut it into strips, folded it over the edge of the drapery and used hem tape to attach them.  This is a great no sew project. 

On another note – I’ve been bitten by the Downton Abbey bug!  Anyone else watch this series?  I found season 1 on NetFlix and now can’t find season 2 anywhere!!  The horror!  And please don’t think less of me when I say I’ve also been hooked on Gossip Girl!  I know, trash TV – but oh my gosh I’m hooked! 

Sorry for such a boring post – I hope to be back in the groove later this week.  


10 thoughts on “Spring Break and sickie kids”

  1. Love those gourd lamps…what a deal you scored! I too found a pair of Robert Abbey lamps at a favorite consignment store


    Looking forward to seeing their makeover!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Downton is not trash tv! 🙂 Absolutely addicting, oh yes. You can get the British version of Season 2 from your library, hopefully. I know here it’s a very long wait list to check it out.

    And can’t wait to see how the lamps turn out!

  3. Simply LKJ says:

    Sorry about the sick kiddos, so not fun! Loving the shape of those lamps!!

  4. I had a feeling some sort of sickness hit your house. We are finally all well here, but it’s getting caught up that’s difficult!
    Sending healthy thoughts your way!

    Can’t wait to see the lamp makeover. Also, love that fabric!

  5. jenn says:

    I love Downton Abbey too! I just downloaded season 2 on itunes. I watch in on the computer or ipad. Missed your daily posts last week, hope everyone is all better soon.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I bought season 2 on amazon, wasn’t expensive at all. Totally worth it, you will love season 2!

  7. I bought season 2 on amazon, wasn’t expensive at all. Totally worth it, you will love season 2!

  8. DOWNTOWN ABBY ROCKS! They are filming a Season Three now too! I have to purchase the complete set – I miss my Sunday evenings with the staff and family – can’t wait til it comes back! I love those curtains – please let us see the results with hung! Enjoy your Monday. Jalon

  9. Those lamps are going to be GORGEOUS! The kids being sick is never fun… hope they are feeling better! I also wanted to say congrats on your Apartment Therapy Feature! I love your office!

  10. Sady says:

    You can watch it all for free on yourtvseries.net. That’s where the Hubs and I go to view most of our shows because it’s free, and you don’t have to register to the site.

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