cheers & au revoir

One week from today I will be touring the streets on London with my wonderful husband- sans kids!

We will be having high tea at the Brown’s Hotel 

and taking a private photography class from Hairy Goat– learning how to take professional photos of the sites and scenery of London.  *squee*

After a few days in London we will take the train over to– Paris!!

Where I plan on eating lots of Crepes & Macaroons while sipping coffee at the local cafe.

I’ve even scoped out some thrift stores where the locals shop for designer goods.  Can you say hello Chanel suit? or maybe a pair of Louboutin’s?

I am beside myself with glee and can’t wait to come back and share all the pics with you.  
Have you been to London or Paris?  any tips or must-see places?  And does anyone know of great restaurants that are vegetarian friendly?  I may just live on wine, cheese and croissants while in Paris.


12 thoughts on “cheers & au revoir”

  1. We did London, Paris, and then a few other cities last March. You are going to have so much fun!! Lolling forward to the photos.


  2. Good think I love the color green…because I am so envious of you!! Have never been to Europe – yet! I look forward to seeing and hearing all about your fabulous trip!

  3. how fun!!! You will have an amazing time – I can’t wait to see your pictures!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Amanda

    How exciting and I am so jealous. I am a Londoner now living in Florida and know you are going to have a fab time. I am vegetarian and recomnend a couple of good restaurants in central London. One is Food For Thought on Neal Street…great atmosphere and a good choice of food. Also Sagar Indian restaurant on Catherine St has some amazing Indian goodies. Both are in the Covent Garden area that has a wonderful outdoor market and some a vast selection of upmarket and reasonably priced shops. Also if you like Chinese food, Chinatown in Soho has some really nice veggie dishes.

    The National gallery is my fave place to visit but if you want any other suggestions for food or places to see email me.

    Victoria C

  5. CAN YOU SAY JEALLLLLLOUS! Can I stow away in your carry-on? Have a fantastic time, darling… I can’t wait to see all the ‘professional’ pics upon your return! Jalon

  6. I went to London and Paris with our boys – they are great places to go. Just want to go back with my husband. You will love it! I did.

  7. Mrs. DeVore says:

    So exciting!!! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  8. Kathysue says:

    Amanda, I am so excited for you. I can not wait to hear about all of your special finds and experiences while there. You can help me as we are going in the Fall. I am sure I will have a bunch of Questions for you. Enjoy each and every minute of this wonderful trip,
    xo Kathysue

  9. Brooke @ Inside-Out Design says:

    Lucky lucky you!! I am dreaming of the day my husband and I take a vacation like this! Have a wonderful time!!

  10. Jeanine says:

    What a wonderful blessing! I have always wanted to go to London, I look forward to seeing your pictures when you return.

  11. Donna says:

    Have an amazing time!! My employee, Christy, just got back from Italy & Paris. can’t wait to hear all ab your trip and see pics!!!

  12. Laurie says:

    Amanda – Have been to both cities many times. Our favorite museums in Paris – Rodin museum & De i’Orangerie. Also a wonderful little true Parisian spot to eat is La Varangue Philippe’s Restaurant. It is at 27 rue Augereau in the 7th. Philippe is wonderful – cooks, serves & entertains. Bon voyage!!

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