Schumacher for Kids

I received an email the other day announcing Schumacher’s new line of children’s fabrics from  textile designer LuLu deKwiatkowski.  The bold, fun colors are not over powering- and have a whimsical touch.  Isnt that owl adorable? 


To see the full collection here.  

If your interested in any of these fabrics, please contact me at


5 thoughts on “Schumacher for Kids”

  1. Definitely a whimsical, retro feel!

  2. Holly says:

    I can’t get enough of that second image with the peaches, pinks, blues. So lovely!!!

  3. Those fabrics are beautiful! I love that last photo with the white chair. The pattern on the pillow fabric reminds me of shapes used in a Matisse painting…I used to have it hanging on the wall in my boys nursery…many moons ago!!

  4. Jessie says:

    These are fabulous! Love the polka dots fabric and the herringbone fabric trims. Thanks for the heads up!


  5. Donna says:

    These are fabulous and fun!! What a magical series for kids!!!

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