Outdoor Extravaganza Party

Hello all! The Outdoor Extravaganza Party has officially begun! 

Today is all about outdoor plants and flowers.  I have this wire basket that I purchased years ago from a local nursery. I love changing it out with flowers for the season.  For Spring I love tulips but in this Texas heat we have a hard time growing them from bulbs- so I cheated and bought a blooming one from the grocery store and planted other annuals around it.

Now head on over to Shauna’s blog and link up your outdoor flowers.  And don’t forget next Wednesday May 30th I will be hosting the Outdoor Extravaganza Party with outdoor decor!  

Kitchen Container Potager + Outdoor Extravaganza Link Party

6 thoughts on “Outdoor Extravaganza Party”

  1. So pretty! This would make a great gift!

  2. That basket is great! I love tulips too… wish they would bloom more then once a year!!

  3. What a great idea! I’ll have to give this a try. I love tulips!

  4. Amanda, It’s beautiful and it’s not cheating if it’s real. Now if they were fake that’s another story. And you say it’s hot in Texas we are headed there next week from Tenn. Beautiful basket and blog. I’m glad I found you through Shauna @ Satori Designs.

  5. Deidre says:

    WOW! what a LOVELY basket!I could use a couple of these:) Gorgeous! Deidre~ simplysimplisticated4.blogspot.com stop by sometime:)

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