Paris Flower Markets

Just around every corner in the streets of Paris are these amazing flower markets.  

How could you not bring home fresh flowers everyday with this right at your fingertips?

Even though we were there for just two short days I was determined to have fresh peonies in our hotel room.

I am now officially obsessed with peonies- so sad we can’t get them here in Houston- I can order them online- for $9 a stem!  Oh well- I at least have the photos of them.


14 thoughts on “Paris Flower Markets”

  1. Simply LKJ says:

    Beautiful! We just had to relocate our peonies due to some landscaping changes, praying they make it with this heat we are having already. If not, they will return next year.

  2. How gorgeous! Who couldn’t have a great day with some fresh flowers handy?
    xo Heidi

  3. Peonies are my absolute favorite and they are all over the place in St. Louis. I drive by so many houses where they are just falling off the stem. I’m always so tempted to pull over and take them from people’s yards. How could you not take each and every one of those blooms into your house if you knew they were right outside your door!

  4. Laurie says:

    Thanks for the beautiful Paris pics. I agree peonies are the most gorgeous flowers – no way you could resist them

  5. Kelly Reber says:

    Those pics are so pretty!! You should blow up some of those pics and frame them in your home so you can look at Peonies every day of the year!

  6. I love the flower markets. They have them in Vancouver and I’m always checking them out when we go. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. I planted some last year and I’m hoping I will get some blooms this year. They remind me of my grandma. She always had so many and she’d put them in large vases on her dining table- so beautiful!

  7. Staci Chavez says:

    Gives me the chills just looking at all those gorgeous flowers. Peonies are my absolute favorite, they are so full and pretty. I am dreams of living abroad, even if it was just for a year. Looks like you had a fabulous time. I love all your cute outfits!
    PS: I put a link to the wallpaper on my blog comments..

  8. Jo says:

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful blooms. Oh to be in Paris!

  9. Donna says:

    absolutely beautiful!! I love flowers, and peonies are one of my all-time faves!!!

  10. Kellie says:

    We have a row of peonies in our front yard. They are getting ready to bloom.

  11. WOW! I could go crazy with fresh flowers if I had that chance! Great photos… I love peonies too!

  12. Oh I love your pics from Paris and London. Such beautiful scenes!! Makes me want to go back again!!! You look amazing in your stylish outfits.

  13. Lisa S. says:

    I bought beautiful pink peonies at Central Market yesterday! They were $8 a stem…an early Mother’s Day gift. They had every color, have also seen them at Whole Foods. Central Market also has $1 Ecuadorian roses on Tuesdays in every color–a great bargain!

    Flower market pictures are beautiful, can’t wait to read more about your trip to Paris.

  14. Thanks for taking us on the beautiful tour of the flower market, Amanda! 🙂

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