DIY Greek Key Trimmed Drapery

I am finally getting around to showing you my Greek Key trimmed drapes. I purchased this blue greek key fabric from Premier Prints.  I bought enough yardage for the length of my drapery.

I am horrible at tutorials -so I will try my best to explain.  I cut straight down the length of the fabric and ironed the edges first.

Then folded it in half an ironed that.

I then opened it up and placed the edge of the drapery inside the folded area.  Making it where the Greek Key would be on the front & back side of the drapery.  To attach the trim I used hem tape- and ironed it on.  (forgot to take a photo of that part).  You could also sew it on, but I didnt want a seam to show so I choose the hem tape.

Greek Key trimmed Drapery, Greek Key fabric, Greek Key drapes

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15 thoughts on “DIY Greek Key Trimmed Drapery”

  1. Cathy Wall says:

    Gorgeous! Love the look of a band of fabric on the leading edge of drapery and the Greek Key is perfection!

  2. Staci Chavez says:

    Your drapes look like high-end, super expensive drapes! Thanks for sharing your tutorial, I am going to have to pin this awesome project, I love how they turned out!

  3. They look beautiful! What a great idea!!

  4. Simply LKJ says:

    Beautiful! The perfect touch.

  5. gorgeous!!! can you show us the back side, just so I can better picture how you did it? And I’m guessing you only had to order the yardage for one side, since the fabric was cut in half for the other panel?

  6. My favorite look for draperies! They’re beautiful, Amanda! At first I thought the ironing board cover was your drapery fabric and I thought, “Not sure about this, but if Amanda chose it, it’s got to look good!” 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    So beautiful-I love them. Good job!!
    How did you handle the top of them? Are your drapes tab top, pleated, etc? I would like to do this and would like to see pictures of the top if possible, please?

  8. says:

    This turned out really well… Great job Amanda!

  9. The greek key is fab! LOVE IT! You could have sewn the flap to the drapes first then folded it back over to not have the hem…. just a thought! And I will be stealing this!

  10. looks BEAUTIFUL, as does your backyard 🙂

  11. These looks fabulous! Love them!

  12. So smart! I wouldn’t thought to have trim that from the premier fabric. So budget-friendly and I’m sure you have lots left over for some great pillows!

  13. SHERRY HART says:

    OMG…that is such a GREAT idea…totally stealing!

  14. emily says:

    I love this idea and using the fabric looks even better than the greek key ribbon I’ve seen. Totally pinning this!

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