A Fashion Post, well sorta….

Let’s talk clothes today shall we?  I have to be honest I have never really been one to droll over Fashion Magazines and go ga ga over heels and handbags.  But that has since changed.  See, I have two very beautiful younger sisters:

who are also very silly…

AND very fashionable.  Seriously, they are my inspiration and it doesn’t hurt that my youngest sister is a personal shopper for J Crew.  So over the past year I have been gutting my closet of dark, drab, dank (is that a word?) clothing and replacing it with color!  It started with a few statement necklaces and a pair of hot pink pumps and I haven’t looked back since.

Last night I picked up a pair of Calvin Klein cobalt blue jeans and got home and thought “what in the heck do you wear with cobalt?” so after several text and photos to my sissy’s we have narrowed it down to these two tops.  


Graphic black & white:

(p.s. dont mind the black trash bag in the back ground- I pulled another two bags full of dank, drab clothes out of my closet last week and need to drop them off at GoodWill)

So what about you- do you have a color in your closet? have you jumped on the brightly hued wardrobe train?


14 thoughts on “A Fashion Post, well sorta….”

  1. Sita says:

    I recently bought some mint jeans and a coral colored top. It is a bold look for sure, but I do love it. I love the black and white top with the cobalt jeans. I would say that you can definitely hang with your darling sisters!

  2. Brooke @ Inside-Out Design says:

    I love the bright colors that are in now!! I bought some coral colored jeans and the first time I wore them my husband was like “whoa….bright.” haha. What I love about bright colors is that they make me look like I have a tan, even though I’m as pasty as glue! I love your cobalt jeans, especially with the black and white top. You are just as fab as your sisters!

  3. Linda @ theLENNOXX says:

    Oh my gosh Amanda- you look so hot! I see beauty runs in your family =D

    LOVE the cobalt blue pants (proof:I have a pair in my closet). I’m so loving the graphic top, and the necklace is so cute.

    xox Linda

  4. Simply LKJ says:

    You are all just beautiful! I love color, but the new colored jeans are not flattering for my body type at all!!!

  5. Your cobalt jeans look great! I love the way a pair of skinny color pants can add a pop to any wardrobe. Plus, you can dress them up for work or a night out and then dress them down for a day of errands. Keep working those colors!

  6. Lili says:

    lookin’ good! i love color esp for summer and spring!

  7. Your sisters are as pretty as you…and I’m crazy for that striped dress!!!! You know I love all the color, and I love the blue pants with both tops!

  8. Oh yes I love the bright colored trend! My favorite pieces I have are my bright coral skinny jeans and a kelly green pencil skirt that I pair with black and white tops much like your cobalt pants. Your sisters are adorable!

  9. Donna Vining says:

    I’ve always loved green!! But lately I’ve been wearing tangerine, which was a big color trend this spring/summer. Love the new jeans!


  10. Love the bright color scheme and patterns choice! UauuU!!

  11. Love bright for summer. That second outfit is my fave, but both look great.

  12. I have been love, loving your fashion instagrams! You’re giving ME inspiration. PS…can I have your long, lean body, too? 😉

  13. can I borrow the graphic black and white?????

  14. colored jeans women says:

    You are all just beautiful! I love the color!

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