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I am soooo excited to announce the 1st issue of Roco Magazine from my dear friend Rachael Colton of Roco Rennie.  This has been a labor of love and it exudes beauty and eye candy at every page turn.  Please go check it out, you won’t be disappointed!  


6 thoughts on “Roco Mag”

  1. Rachael @ ROCO Magazine says:

    Amanda, thank-you for the kind words and post on the magazine! It is truly lovely to call you a friend – a chic one at that!

  2. Luci says:

    Thank you for sharing that! It was so lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed it this morning while sipping my first cup of coffee.

  3. Donna Vining says:

    Hopping over, thanks for sharing a new online mag!! Happy Friday!

  4. Catherine says:

    What a gorgeous magazine! Thank you so much for sharing it. And I’m currently taking Holly Becker’s blog class, and she’s in the magazine! Very cool!

  5. Hi Amanda…thanks for the comment and I sincerely look forward to getting to know you more via your blog. I am still reeling from Haven, more exhausted than pumped right now, but I know that might be because I drove until 11pm last night!!! Hope you trip home was/is safe and that your summer is heavenly!


  6. GREAT POST:) Your blog is so wonderful and I will happily follow.

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    Have an awesome weekend.

    LOVE Maria at

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