Keeping it real

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy around here.  I hope to be able to share some fun news soon about an opportunity that has come across my path.  In the meantime I thought I would show you the current state of my dining room.  Even though I have this chic, beautiful office to work in- sadly, I don’t.  Im usually downstairs with the kids and for now the dining room table is where its happening.    

Exhibit A:

Dining table

Fabric memos strewn about:

Pillows waiting for a client install:

And stacks of files, magazines, and catalogs all needing to be put “somewhere”, “anywhere” besides here!

BUT in other fun news, look what I picked up at Marshall’s on Friday-(those of you who follow me on Instagram got a sneak peak):

Why yes that would be a magenta Michael Kors handbag *sigh*… hello momma!!

Michael Kors purse, Michael Kors magenta handbag

Ok, hope you are all enjoying your week and please make me feel better and tell me that your dining room looks like a tornado hit it (or at least lie to me and say it does).



10 thoughts on “Keeping it real”

  1. My whole HOUSE looks like a tornado hit it. At least yours is covered in pretty fabric. 😉

    Nice bag!!!

  2. I have 12 (no typo) chairs in my dining room, 6 old and 6 new and 2 buffets! It’s a Craigslist disaster, but if I had that pink bag to distract me I’d be a happy girl! 🙂

  3. Oh, Amanda — you should SEE my dining room! It had become a dumping ground for all my projects and I’ve decided to take it back. Wish me luck — those rooms take on a life of their own. 🙂

  4. I am a Stampinup! Demonstrator and try as I might my stamps, little bits of card stock and tons of cool stampin tools end up all OVER my dinning room. Over the years I have tried to create a work space in my “library”/playroom – which is actually the formal living space. I tweak and tweak some more to get my stampin stuff in there and BAM! It all ends up back all over the dinning room.

  5. Also – please share where you got that gorgeous green fabric with the birds! Love, love love!

  6. Oh how exciting! Can’t wait to hear your news! And that schumacher swatch you have…with the ikat circles…that’s the SAME fabric I have for my DR drapes. From hancock. What’s yours retail for? I love knowing how much money I saved!

    and love that shared room…just perfect!

  7. Rachael @ ROCO Magazine says:

    You have no idea how happy you made me to see someone else that lives and works like I do! These immaculate homes depress me to much xxx ps LOVE the bag!

  8. Glad to know mine isn’t the only house suffering from tornado season. 🙂 LOVE that green chinoiserie fabric. What fabric is that? And I always love the Betwixt. Excellent score on the purse btw.

  9. Ha! I can relate…my dining room table always seems to end up as a landing space for items and projects too! Even though you are crazy busy (cant wait to hear the good news) glad to know you can still get out to shop. Love the bag!!

  10. Ha! I loved this. . . yes . . so many piles that need to go somewhere. Anywhere but where they are. I so need an office. Last week my entire master bedroom was taken over by pieces for a client install. Not cool! Happy to see I am not alone. And hello, mama on the bag. LOVE.

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